toddler smell scent herbs leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is sniffing up some pennyroyal scent. He has been showing more interest in plants lately so we have been working on building up his plant vocabulary. He’ll walk to one plant and ask: “This?” then I’ll say the name a few times, sometimes he will repeat it other times he just walks straight to the next one again asking “This?”. He can go on like this for quite some time, being really thirsty for some knowledge. This also pushes me to ask / find out about plant names and expand my own plant vocabulary along with Cesar’s. With the hot weather and his water spray “gun”, he also likes going around the garden and house multiple times spraying some water for all the plants. He is very diligent and specific and always lets me know if I missed one. Since I made some lavender sachets the other day which he really liked sniffing, he has now also made it a point to smell all the plants and to get to know the plants by their smell. Plants and gardening only became a part of my life since I came to the farm – and now I can’t imagine a life without it!

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Talking Back

toddler hanging seat leilazamoramoreno

Today Cesar wanted the boxing bag gone and his hanging seat set up instead. Every day he is finding more ways to communicate and he finds it such a joy when we respond and understand what he is talking about – though he still mostly communicates through body language as his vocabulary is still quite limited. It’s quite funny to see how he copies our own body behaviour towards the animals like dogs and horses to communicate with us and direct us. When he was a tiny baby I couldn’t wait for him to start communicating as it was clear that a lot of his frustrations came from not being able to express his needs. I heard a lot of complaints from parents about the ‘talking phase’ where it is made equivalent to the start of ‘talking back’, as the child starts expressing resistance more profusely. I’ve found that when Cesar acts this way he a) is on a lot of pain and ‘gatvol’ of it – his self – control reaching low levels or b) I put myself in ‘power struggle-mode’ where I am attempting to control him and am reacting within myself instead of responding. His behavior then shows that there is something out of alignment within myself which is causing a point of disharmony in our relationship,a big red flag showing me that there is something I need to look at. Just as with my horse,I used to dread these type of conflicts until I learnt to embrace them as learning opportunities. Instead of seeing resistance or tantrums as something that needs to be fought off, I’ve learnt to use them as gateways to fine tuning my relationship with Cesar.

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Animal Friends

horses field toddler walk leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is taking a walk with his trolley and saying hi to the horses in the distance. It’s been absolutely fascinating to see him interact fearlessly with the horses (though it’s not always mutual lol). With the hot weather he has been really into playing with our water spray bottles as substitute water guns. The other day he took it with on our walk and thought it would be really fun to spray the horses. Tyson, his first target rather enjoyed the face spray and licking the drops from his muzzle. Next was Chippie who took off like a bullet, much to Cesars excitement as he went ‘WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’. Once they both calmed down Chippie came walking down to him and Cesar gently rubbed his forehead – no hard feelings. When I was a child I grew up with very little animals in my surroundings. Animals were very much ‘out there’ and when I would be up close with one I would never know how to act, there was always a form of awkwardness. The only things I knew about animals was from pictures,books and TV – but I never got to know ‘the animal’. Cesar approaches animals just like any other being, just beings here, just like him. He knows them by their presence and not from knowledge and information. If only everyone got to learn about animals through being with them,seeing them for who they really are rather than ‘knowing about them ‘ as knowledge and information – which is really just a form of ignorance – we’d be treating and living with animals in a whole different way.

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Conflict Resolution within Relationship

relationship marriage forgiveness leilazamoramoreno

The other day I faced a point of conflict with my partner.
He’d done something which I was quite unhappy about and I didn’t know how to address it/respond to it. Every time I came up with a possible course of action, something seemed ‘off’ about it, none of them really felt like a good fit.
With not being able to get to a decisive course of action, I noticed I was building up quite a bit of emotional turmoil within myself. I took a deep breath in and a deep breath out and decided to first of all: just forgive my partner.

As I forgave him, a silence and calmness set in within myself, and I could immediately see what needed to be done. I could also see, why all of the other courses of action I had come up with before, all in one way or another, some obvious and some slightly – connected and targeted to a point of self-interest within myself. Be it righteousness, blame, victimization, anger, etc. If I had choosen any of them, the point which needed to be addressed would go unresolved as I would have tainted it with my own emotional baggage. I was actually trying to REdress the situation, where I wanted to ‘set right’ a ‘wrong’ – showing me I was holding on to judgment; instead of ADdressing through giving it effective direction. Once you’ve forgiven someone, there’s nothing to redress, you are no longer looking to ‘gain’ anything from the situation – and the only option left is to simply address the situation in a way that’s best for the both of you.

I’ll definetly be remembering this one next time when I face a point of conflict with another, to make sure I forgive another as myself unconditionally, as the slightest emotional or feeling attachment can set you way off course of common sense and coming to a solution that is best for all.

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The Physics of Punching

punching toddler boxing boxingbag leilazamoramoreno

Cesar asked Gian this morning to put up the boxing bag.
We had to add some rope so the bag could hang a bit lower so Cesar could have a better reach. Cesar enjoys punching and pushing the bag at different intensities and then quickly runs and giggles away as the bag comes swinging back to get him.

Sometimes he’s too slow, sometimes he’s focusing on our facial responses to him – checking if we’re as excited as he is about what he’s doing, that he forgets to keep his focus on the bag which then bashes into him and sweeps him off his feet… Babies and toddlers love to learn, and here Cesar is learning all about the world of physics. He’s not just “punching a bag”, but playing with how hard he can push it, how hard will it swing? Can he get away fast enough? What if he pushes again as the bag is swinging back and forth? And of course he learns about his mind and physical consequence: What happens when I am too busy trying to get a positive reaction and am no longer aware of my physical environment? KABOOOM!!!

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I said NO!!

no spiteful freedom of choice toddler leilazamoramoreno

NO is Cesar’s favorite word at the moment. In the beginning he was just happy to be able to verbalize a ‘no’ but he quickly caught on to the delicious “freedom of choice” phenomenon. He started saying NO to everything, and in the beginning I wasn’t really sure why. Then one day I asked him a question (relating a group hug) and I could tell he wanted to say YES, bit he said NO anyway, simple because *he could* and felt like he needed to let everyone know that he has freedom of choice. So I told him look, I know you can say NO at anything at anytime, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Then he looked down for a moment, looked back up, smiled and RAN towards us to do our group hug.

Sometimes I still need to remind him, that even though he can do whatever he wants, that doesn’t mean he has to carry things out just because he can. This works quite well when his eyes catch a bug and he almost compulsively wants to squish it. I’ll remind him of it, and then he takes a moment and then instead of squishing the bug, he’ll sit down and just look at it. This is something we are still working on as he is still very much testing out what it means ‘to be human’ in this world. Freedom of choice is a point everyone faces. We all have an array of choices available for us to choose from at any time. What are the parameters we use that determine our choices? Do we just do whatever we want, based on impulse – or do we look at how a choice affects us and those around us, and decide to carry out that which is Best for all?
It was quite an eye opener to see how early on in a child’s life the concept of “freedom of choice” takes hold, and again how important it is for us parents to live by example and be considerate and consistent in the choices we make.

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Sleeping Schedule?

baby toddler sleeping toy tractor leilazamoramoreno sleeping schedule

We haven’t given Cesar a sleeping schedule since he was born. I remember how much I hated having to go sleep when I wasn’t tired. Just lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. It ends up making you want to sleep just to get a break from this absurd world.

Lately, Cesar has been showing and telling us when he wants to go sleep, and he puts himself to bed when he knows he is tired. And he simply wakes up when his body his rested. He doesn’t follow a schedule, he just listens to his body. Initially I had some reservations towards living this way. How will he learn ‘to go sleep’? Are we making him dependent? I believed he ‘needed to be taught’. This kind of reminds me of how wild and young horses are broken through force until they submit. They have now learnt to ‘behave’. I’ve realized that with Cesar, there was nothing to be taught. He is aware of himself, he is aware of how his body feels, he is aware of the consequences that set in when he pushes his limits – and so he learns to listen to his body and act accordingly. It’s such a simple point, yet we’ve created rules, methods and techniques around these things, making everything so complicated. And in a world where the majority live by these rules and defend them at all cost – it can be daunting to go against the established paradigm and instead follow your own voice.

Parenting and being with Cesar – it has forced me to question everything, as parenting and one’s childhood form the foundation of our lives. I never thought I’d come across so much madness, every single component of parenting and being a child has been perverted and twisted to the utmost degree. While the problem is enormous – I equally see the vast potential. And man, we CAN create Heaven on Earth if we set ourselves to it. If we move to change ourselves and transfer this gift to our children – we can live in a better world in no time. Parents – you have all the power: use it for what is best for all life

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It’s the MOOOOOOOoooon!!

moon toddler lig leilazamoramoreno

We have a beautiful reddish moon tonight. Cesar looooves seeing the moon. It’s impossible for him to carry out a task from A to B in one go when he spots the moon. He just keeps pointing at it, shouting MOOOON, then remember about his activity, only to two seconds later remember that there’s the MOOOON!!!! While we both enjoy the full moon scenery, in the world we live today – the full moon has also become a dreaded symbol. In a country torn by poverty and income inequality, the full moon announces an increase in crime, as it is easier to move through the night to break in, steal and get away. The animals are restless, and so are the humans – who will get hit tonight? Nature conservationists hold their breath – how many animals will be poached tonight?

We leave no thing untainted in our imbalanced way of life. The moon is no longer just a moon. A person is not just a person, you need to deserve to be a person, to be alive. All these weird little rules and beliefs which cause so much wreck and havoc, and for absolutely no reason.
If you like me believe that every person has the right to life – the right to live simply because they exist : investigate Living Income Guaranteed @
Let’s stop this madness

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toddler drumming leilazamoramoreno

Cesar has reached a new level in his drumming experience, where his legs and feet are now strong enough to operate the kick drum. He gets into it so intensely, that the beater on the pedal would rebound kicking him in his shins. Even though it’s quite painful, it doesn’t stop him from going at it.

I’ve been enjoying the process of drumming with Cesar. Initially I was a bit reserved about the whole point because “I don’t know how to drum” and believed that I needed some form of expertise and theoretical knowledge to make the drumming a worthwhile experience. As we first started off, I was playing with him quite clumsy because I was working on pieces of information that I remembered here and there about drumming and things I remembered from music school. This was not at all enjoyable as I was approaching the whole drumming process from an intellectual approach instead of just a doing and being approach. So the one day I looked at Cesar and his sheer enjoyment of doing whatever on the drums. Unconditionally testing out each part, each sound, different beats. In his head there was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of drumming, there’s just him being here and having fun. Seeing this, I decided to give myself a second chance, to learn and enjoy drumming in the same way as Cesar was drumming, uninhibited by intellect. Now we each just start with one sound, one beat and we just move with whatever comes up inside ourselves. Within this we can get to some really nice harmonious beats and sounds. With every session we do, we never know what’s going to happen or how it’s going to come out but always turns into a delightful surprise.

This is another fun side of parenting, where in the moments or activities you least expect it, you can practice letting go of the mind and practice just being here and allowing expression to just flow through yourself.

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Copy Cats

toddler copy cat mirror example

As a parent, we are living examples of what it means to be an adult in this world. The example we would like our children to live up to, is not always what we live ourselves. We may say one thing but our behavior conveys something different. We may expect certain behavior from them but not live it ourselves. Our children may display behavior where we wonder ‘where they got it from’, only realizing too late that it came from us. Children’s eyes are always looking and observing – learning from us and seeking our guidance unconditionally. Nothing gets past children, no matter how hard we try to hide it. It’s our responsibility to meet their unconditional trust with being the best living example we can be, not settling for anything less.

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