Listen to Your Body

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Cesar keeps surprising me with how in-tuned he is with his body. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. When he is going through an upcoming teething patch, he starts looking for our homeopathic teething support remedy and bottle. Pointing at all the usual places where it is stored and ‘pretending’ to put them in his mouth so we can get an idea of what he is looking for. The teething comes with lots of unsettledness and the adrenaline which is coupled to the pain leaves him being tired but unable to sleep. So when I made myself a cup of catnip chamomile tea – which was standing among many cups on my desk (yes, guilty of cup hoarding) – he insisted he wanted THAT cup with WHATEVER’S IN THERE (catnip works as a sedative and chamomile is calming and relaxing). I shared my tea with him and he grounded himself in no time.
When we’re not sure if he is going through teething or growing pains – we show him our different bottles of homeopathic support and tissue salts – and he will pick up or point at the one he is needing. If he is hungry he will run to the fridge and tell us what he wants to eat (or maybe just play with).
We never forced any foods on him but always presented him with choices, and sharing the food we eat ourselves. If he wants to eat it, he eats it. If he wants to chew on it and spit it out, then he can do that. If he just wants to look at it and touch it – that’s fine too. We knew that inherently, the body knows what it needs and when it needs it, and did not want to impose any of our own preferences of foods on him. He’s a healthy boy who can make his own food choices, and knows when he needs additional support from nature.

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To Buy or Not to Buy

toddler car toy christmas leilazamoramoreno
Christmas times around and the topic of toys in parenting circles is hot. The other day I went to the mall with Cesar and as we were strolling around his eyes were just gazing and tracing all the Christmas decoration with shiny balls and lights sweeping him by every meter we strolled.

He was absolutely captivated and insisted his must touch it and have it. Obviously, the lights and balls are not ours to touch and take – because they belong to the shop and he can easily break them. So what do you do as a parent in a situation like this? He was clearly showing me a longing to experience ‘something’ but I couldn’t give him the experience he wanted. We then went into a toy shop to see if we could get him a ‘replacement’ so he could indulge in something he wanted to experience, and giving him something that we were in a position to actually give. A friend that was with me, offered to buy a car of his choosing. We showed him his range of choice and after a bit of pushing he pointed out which car he wanted. This got him to re-direct his attention to the car. But the decorations where EVERYWHERE pushing themselves in his face all the time, that eventually he did go back to wanting to experience them. So then we did, for a moment let him touch some of the decoration – and we looked for a ball we could buy him that he was not going to be able to break and was within our budget – which we simply couldn’t find (everything was bulk). So now, I had to be honesty with him – that I understand that he wants it but that we are not in a position to get it for him, because we are limited by money to gain access to these things and money and this stage is distributed in a way where many do not have access and some have access to everything.

The moment I am honest about it – he gets it – and he settles down. Even though his is 2 years old and doesn’t have my vocabulary – he can see and sense the sincerity in my voice and that I’m not hiding anything to him, and so he settles down because he is assured that I’m looking out for his and ours best interest.

To be continued

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Get Creative

toddler father tent creativity leilazamoramoreno

With Cesar having lots of energy and eager to learn and explore – we must constantly push ourselves to be creative and create new things for Cesar to give him something to focus on and investigate. Our first tent was us simply sitting on our bed with my head creating a little tent space, but this quickly became too small. We have some plans to build Cesar an actual tent in the room, but we still need to get some more materials. Now we created an interim tent, with his old cot, which we made into a little couch as the base and an old sheet and some sticks to keep it up. So far Cesar is enjoying his little space!

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Slowing Down

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Walking my process and journey with Cesar for the past two years has really pushed me to slow down within myself and my physical reality. Especially in the first few months and year – slowing down was essentially ‘forced’ upon me as I had little time or space to give attention to anything but my direct environment, which mostly meant Cesar and giving my body rest.
As I would have more time available, I could notice immediately jumping into hyper-drive within myself, being rushed and stressed in whatever I was doing – being very much in a state of mind of ‘getting things done’. Where if I spend time with Cesar, time moves soooo slooow. And the moment I get to do something else, I get all jumpy inside myself and time moves way fast. So I have been pushing myself to take the grounding and slowing down experience in being and walking with Cesar, and to push myself to take on that same point of stability inside myself with whatever else I am doing. And while it looks and sounds like I am ‘losing out’ in moving slower, I’m actually paying more attention to what I am busy with — and don’t have to deal with accumulated energy within myself at the end of the day that is seeking to be released. 
Sometimes it’s a matter of making the decision to slow down, other times I need to investigate why I am purposefully moving fast and address the underlying cause behind it.

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Desire to Protect

toddler protect consequence diminish leilazamoramoreno


More on manifested consequence….
Another point which links into my previous post – is that I’ve found a strong urge to want to protect Cesar from manifested consequence – or give him direction from a starting point of how I think things should be…instead of what they really are. This comes from my own relationship with myself which in turn comes from my parents – where I believe I need to be protected and cannot handle the response ability of walking what needs to be done. When I project this unto Cesar, I am assuming that his response ability is limited and that he is unable to walk what needs to be walked. When I treat him as such, then that is exactly what I create without even giving him a chance and giving him the actual tools and direction to support him in what needs to be faced. He will be ill equipped and there will be no one else to blame but me. So it is time I stop protecting ‘myself’ as the limited version I’ve accepted of myself – and instead walk and see what it is I am actually capable of – so that in turn, he too can see and explore  what he is capable of and not be held back by ideas.

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What I Want vs What is Reality

toddler crying black and white frustration leilazamoramoreno

One of the points I have been bumping into over and over in my parenting journey is that of what I want vs what is reality. I for instance envisaged a relationship with my son that would be tear and frustration free. So what would happen is that he’d go through frustration, crying and tantrums – and I would always bring it back to myself and see how I can change so that he could change. But then there always comes a point where I have gone over every single point and dimension and yet He is still FRUSTRATED!!! Cause he is in a limited body, going through painful processes. So what I noticed is that I want everything to be ‘perfectly okay’ and hold on to a ‘perfect life’ I want for us. But the reality is – that we are not in a perfect world. We face real limitations around every corner. And yes, this limitations ‘ought not to be here’ – but they are here. I see, that I lose my patience, that I want things to be fixed RIGHT NOW – losing sight of the bigger picture, where the reality we are in is one of manifested consequence and there is no escaping these consequences. Losing sight of the time and space it is going to take to walk out of these consequences and create something new. We all have to walk and face the same consequences, adult and children alike. And it gets to me to see children, my own son, having to face and walk through already manifested consequence. I wish they could come into this world without having any part of this mess. But unfortunately once you enter this world, you share this world and you share the responsibility to walk through the consequence. It sucks, but it’s what is needed to be walked. We have to make peace with what already has been done, and move our vision forward to what still can become – and do our damnest best to get there.

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Living Like There’s No Tomorrow

We had a nice bout of rain that came over the farm and Cesar is enjoying some of its drops.

It’s frustrating to see how green and full of blossom everything gets only to be scorched down by the sun a day or two later. Yet, at the same time – I see a point of courageousness in nature, as it simply takes the rain as it comes and immediately expresses itself to the FULLEST.
The trees, plants, grasses, shrubs – they don’t know what the weather is going to be like a day from now, a week from now, a month from now. If they can express themselves fully, they simply do it. They may not be here anymore a week from now, but that is irrelevant to them.
It forces me to look at myself and my life and whether I am giving my ALL in every moment, living my fullest potential, applying myself absolutely — regardless of the future I may or may not face.
Plants, nature – they are completely dependent on the weather and availability of water. Their continued existence is never certain. The same goes for us humans – we are absolutely dependent on so many factors and variables in our environment for our continued existence – which may or may not be in place in the future.
Life on Earth is frail, it is vulnerable – so many things our out of our control. Nothing is guaranteed.
All that is certain, is the moment we are in. Are we living, applying and expressing ourselves fully, regardless of what may or may not be coming our way? Or are we limiting ourselves, our living, our application – for a “sunnier day”? This day may never come.
Live your utmost potential in every moment, the moment we are in is all we have. Don’t wait for tomorrow, as tomorrow may be too late.

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The Burden of Parenting

toddler sleeping parenting burden leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is peacefully asleep, taking his midday nap.

He wasn’t this peaceful when he was awake before, he was actually pretty frustrated. Seeing Cesar go through a lot of frustration really hits me, some days more than others. He goes through so many experiences, he sees so much, he has so much to share – but limited tools to convey them to the rest of the world. It’s almost like a perfect trap. While they are still young and untainted by all the bias of the world – they see it all and they have so much to say, yet they are trapped within a body still growing lots, going through lots of pain and haven’t acquired the skill of language. By the time they’re grown up and have acquired all the tools to communicate — they’ve already been ‘converted’ from their world of innocence to our world of systems, rules and limitations — and all they once had to share is lost.

If you look at animals, most of them are pretty capable from day one, being able to walk with their parents through their world and not requiring language to communicate. Only our children need to be ‘raised’ and ‘schooled’ before they can join in and participate in our reality – where when they are young, they are often compared to being ‘wild animals’ who need to be tamed and civilised.

While all the while – the children hold all the keys. They can see it all, but it is not in their power to use it. On top of that, they have the greatest #trust in us parents, adults to show them the way — and everyday I am reminded that I am undeserving of his trust, that I am not yet standing as the living example he deserves. Yet, I cannot allow myself to let my current limitations hold me back — and every day, despite all the evidence showing me that I am ‘not there yet’; that I am lacking in so many ways: I have to push myself to do the best I can with the moments that I have available; overcoming one limitation at a time – at what seems snail speed – so that I can one day stand equal to him and be deserving of his trust. There is no easy fix or quick way to get out, regardless of our best intentions.That is the burden of #parenting and the consequence we all have to face and walk.

Looking vs Living

toddler draw chalk leilazamoramoreno

Living on a farm you really get to question the desire for an ‘aesthetic’ environment vs an environment which reflects living. In Belgium I grew up in an environment where everything was orderly, organised, clean and where it is part of the culture to spend money and maintain a visually pleasing look. The thing is that this ‘look’ which we’ve defined as visually appealing demands a certain degree of inertia – where in order to maintain how your environment looks, as little as possible should happen inside the confines of this environment and/or specific diligence is needed to erase any and all evidence that such activity or movement took place. So everything you do or think about doing, is always done within the consideration of what this going to do to my visually appealing environment. The emphasis is placed on maintaining a look one lives in. On the farm, I’ve learnt to place emphasis on living and what repercussions this has on the aesthetics of my living environment comes second. The joy and pleasure of having furry, drooly animal friends supercedes the side effect of a small desert forming inside your house from all the dirt their presence brings with them. The joy of being able to express yourself freely with drawing materials on a massive floor supercedes having an aesthetic picture to look at which gives you a momentary experience of satisfaction and achievement – to only then all other moments fear losing this picture you created for yourself. How much of life are we forgoing for the sake of looking a particular way?

I still often have to pull myself out of my old mindset, where I instinctively want to say ‘no’ to what my son is about to do – but then I have to really ask myself: is it really that harmful? Is it really such a big deal? Are we in a position to work with the consequences (eg repaint the walls if time comes that we need to move)? Am I saying no out of convenience or is there a real limitation in place? In how far are our own beliefs and preferences shaping and molding our children?

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Herbal Teething Support

toddler drinking tea leilazamoramoreno

While we are all sipping on some cappuccino, Cesar is having a herbal tea to assist with the pain and tension from teething. Maite and Lj have planted a variety of herbs in front of our house which we almost use on a daily basis to help some animal or human. It’s nice to be able to reach out to nature and finds plants of assistance right in the moment of your need. Having these points of support available, I find it quite empowering to be able to assist oneself and others in areas of health. In the past, I always relied on doctors and experts to treat me and tell me what’s going on, which did not always have the best result. Now I have taken it unto myself to get to know my own body. See how I can support it with food that works for my body (which in itself already eliminates so many problems) and checking whether an illness or pain is the result of the mind-body relationship. Now I am very comfortable supporting myself through minor ills and aches, but it is also important to know when to reach out for help when you are notgetting their on your own.

The tea he is drinking here is a blend of chamomile, catnip and lemon balm.

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