Breaking through Walls of Perception

toddler wooden block recycle parenting

I’ve been walking by a tub of wood cut offs from various projects in the shed for a while now. Each time glancing and wondering if there’s anything we’d be able to use it for with Cesar. The last few days Cesar has been playing a lot with his plastic animals, where they do all kinds of things in a little lego house we have. Seeing the blocks again, I figured it would be nice if we had a more expansive house available for him it to play with the animals. Most of the blocks had the same width or height since we use the same type of wood for most projects, which made them nice candidates to stack and create little structures with.

Here we made a little structure with steps and ‘bridges’ that the animals travel over. Cesar’s giving Wildebeest and Zebra a tour.

I often wonder if Cesar is getting enough ‘stimulation’, if he’s happy with the activities and things available for him to play with and explore. But perhaps that’s just because I am still looking at everything from my own point of view, what I find interesting and fascinating as an adult. Where I often have to push myself and breathe through resistance in playing with him, because what we’re doing doesn’t fall under my category of ‘fun’. Accumulate those moments where I’m the one not having fun and not directing the experience, and soon enough I think he must not be having fun.

It’s in those every day, ordinary moments I realise how much I still need to work on myself, how far I have removed myself from my own innocence as life, how much of my adultism I still need to deconstruct.

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Challenge yourself

upcycled bottle craft

With crafting, I enjoy trying out different things and acquiring new skills. Often, I come up with an idea but I do not yet have the acquired tools or skills to practically manifest whatever idea came up. Even more often, I will want to put the idea to rest because I believe that it will simply be too difficult, or that I simply don’t see myself as a person ‘who has this skill’. Playing and experimenting for a little while now, I’ve learnt that every new project or challenge is simply a matter of mastering new vocabulary. Kind of like upgrading your system with an additional manual. Once the information is clear and integrated, you can simply carry it out. I also push myself to make the most of the materials I already have, using materials from past projects into new combinations – challenging myself to keep my eyes open to what is possible, and then pushing myself to realise what is possible.

Here I made a vase from an old bottle and sculpted some flowers with leaves out of polymer clay.

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