Bearing your own Mature, Ripe Fruit – Story from the Grapes

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I was wandering around by the Grapes with Cesar and got reminded of the very first grapes we planted. I had taken point on taking care of the Grapes and did research on how to grow them and take care of them. I got a bit of a shock when I realised it would take a minimum of 4 years before the grape vines would produce sweet tasting grapes. Even worse, I’d have to cut the vines way down, until only a stump remains. Then the plant would grow far and wide during summer – only to be cut down again for winter. I wondered what it would be like to go through all the effort to bear fruit every year, only to not have your grapes be enjoyed and be pruned down to start over – again, and again, and again! It reminded me of my own process, where I would be walking a point of limitation to expansion – where all you know is having ‘sour grapes’. And you walk and you walk and you try different things but still – you only have sour grapes. Sometimes someone would point out to me the correction and say ‘just do it’. Just ‘make sweet grapes’. This didn’t help me at all, because all I knew was limitation, all I knew was sour grapes. So when you only ever had sour grapes, it’s hard to even fathom ever having sweet grapes. Yet, somehow, someday after walking a process – suddenly you realise: but I have changed! But I have sweet grapes!
We can’t force a grapevine to produce sweet grapes, just like we cannot force ourselves to change. The grape vine had to walk the 4 year process to get to a point of sweetness. It could give up at any moment, as the end never seems in sight until has actually been reached. We often hold on to the end result we know we must achieve and forget about the process it takes to walk it, to actually create it as ourselves. Once you have sweet grapes, it seems so easy and the path walked quickly fades to memory and soon it seems like sweet grapes is all we ever had. Thanks nature for reminding me of the humbleness, patience and dedication it takes to walk ourselves from consciousness to awareness. And that despite the end of the tunnel always being dark and unknown, you never know when you hit that point of change and no return!

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Beginning of a New Adventure!

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The beginning of a new adventure… For the past few months Lj and Maite have been sourcing many herbs and we are starting to have a nice selection of herbs growing on the farm. We’ve been testing different herbs as teas and topical applications, for both humans and animals. I think everyone has been pretty surprised by the powerful support of nature through herbs and plants. Now we are starting the process of processing all the various fresh and dried herbs we have gathered to create tea blends, tinctures, salves and creams. In the picture you can see the start of a rosehip tincture. This jar will be staying in a cabinet for several weeks and be shaken once a day. Then after three weeks we will strain out the liquid (vodka which is absorbing the rosehip properties) and store it for future usage. Rosehips are very high in Vitamin C, making a rosehip tincture nice to have around when summer settles back into winter.

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