Cesar & The Goats

toddler goats farm

Cesar running to the new goaties with some leafy greens we picked up on our way to the fields. Unfortunately Cesar’s excitement gave them a bit of a fright and got them running away. Since we’ve been frequenting the chicken coop to drop of our organic waste, which the goaties get excited about just as much as the chickens – they’ve been less weary of us and greet us when we come into their sight.

It’s always a challenge to acclimatise Cesar to new animals. He gets overly excited, they’re skiddish – have to keep reminding myself to be patient and take it one moment, one day at a time. To not let one bad experience determine how all future experiences will go, to keep seeing every new moment and day as new.

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Horse Antics

toddler horses farmlife leilazamoramoreno

Cesar filling up the water bath for the horses. First Quizzy the little Welsh pony came along to drink from the little water that Cesar had already filled in the bath. Then Sagon came along and decided to chase Quizzy away from the water so he could have the bath all for himself. Even though Quizzy already moved and was waiting his turn, Sagon would throw ugly faces at him and pull his ears back at him. Each time Sagon got snappy Cesar would lift the nozzle of the water hose and spray some water in Sagon’s face who would get all confuzzled and then mind his own business again. I find it fascinating to see him play with these animals several times there size and having no fear when it comes to pushing their buttons. Sometimes I wonder who’s parenting who

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Learning through Doing

toddler dog zen leilazamoramoreno

Cesar likes to experience was others are experiencing, so here he went to lay next to Snowy on the porch and would wave flies away from her face as she’s taking her nap.
Sometimes he will put his food bowl on the floor and eat from it like a dog.
I remember my parents walking into me once in the garden where I was grazing on all fours and asked me what I am doing. ‘I am playing mule’ I said.
The swimming pool was always the time and place to play dolphin.
Animals always seem so peaceful and grounded that it seemed more fun to copy and emulate them over adult humans.

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Cesar’s Way

toddler walk dog leilazamoramoreno

Lj took the big dogs with him when he went to clean the stables, and Cesar got upset because he also wanted to walk a dog – but the big dogs are too tall and strong for him. Since the little ones were still at the house, we decided to take them for a walk. We had a nice long slow walk so Cesar could keep up. In all our previous walks, Cesar would come to a point where he got upset when things didn‘t go right, and we’d have to stop the walk or carry him along. This time he was calm and just directed the points as they came along. Both him and Boeboe seem to have the same stamina and endurance on the walk (they also ran together for a bit lol) so together they are a good match.

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Picking Up Poo is FUN

toddler cleaning stable horses leilazamoramoreno

Cesar and I went for a walk in the horse camps, when Cesar decided he wanted to pick up poo. He was picking up poo in front of the stables so I directed him to a stable that hadn’t been cleaned yet. He handed me some gloves, I handed him a bucket – and we cleaned up the whole stable. I used to clean a stable every day and it took me some time to get over the “work” element that I had attached to task. I would clean Charlie’s stable in the morning and it was mostly the “morning” factor contributing to resisting cleaning the stables, where I didn’t allow myself to wake up effectively bit instead stayed in the drowsy zone and wanting to go back to sleep. Then I pushed myself to just do the stable and it actually became a nice part of my morning where the simple task of picking up poo and sorting through hay to get the pee hay out had some sort of meditative quality. I the task is a “no brainer” so it was nice to just move my physical body and not burden myself withing anything inside myself but the simple task of cleaning a stable. This would then set set a calmness and stability in place for the rest of the day, while gently warming up my body to get ready for the day.
I enjoy these moments with Cesar where we can clean a stable just for the sheer fun of it, reminding me to not take simple activities and tasks for granted.

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Animal Friends

horses field toddler walk leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is taking a walk with his trolley and saying hi to the horses in the distance. It’s been absolutely fascinating to see him interact fearlessly with the horses (though it’s not always mutual lol). With the hot weather he has been really into playing with our water spray bottles as substitute water guns. The other day he took it with on our walk and thought it would be really fun to spray the horses. Tyson, his first target rather enjoyed the face spray and licking the drops from his muzzle. Next was Chippie who took off like a bullet, much to Cesars excitement as he went ‘WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’. Once they both calmed down Chippie came walking down to him and Cesar gently rubbed his forehead – no hard feelings. When I was a child I grew up with very little animals in my surroundings. Animals were very much ‘out there’ and when I would be up close with one I would never know how to act, there was always a form of awkwardness. The only things I knew about animals was from pictures,books and TV – but I never got to know ‘the animal’. Cesar approaches animals just like any other being, just beings here, just like him. He knows them by their presence and not from knowledge and information. If only everyone got to learn about animals through being with them,seeing them for who they really are rather than ‘knowing about them ‘ as knowledge and information – which is really just a form of ignorance – we’d be treating and living with animals in a whole different way.

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Farm Living

farm living toddler dogs horses

Living on a farm with lots of animals is a wonderful experience for a toddler. The idea of having lots of animals and pets around is a very ‘nice’ one – but we often forget or miss the reality of added responsibility, awareness and diligence. Especially in the beginning, every interaction with animals must be guided and many mistakes will be made, as babies and toddlers like to test their boundaries and various types of ’cause and effect’. One bad memory can easily shape and define a relationship, both for toddler and animal – so we always make sure that interactions remain supportive, and if something does happen, we immediately create the space for Cesar and/or the animal to correct themselves. Both Cesar and the animals can have moments of slipping into reaction, but it is also cool to see how Forgiving they can be with one another and make up with pets and cuddles.

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Horses and Conflict

charlie horse thoroughbred natural horsemanship
One of the gifts Charlie has shared with me, is that of embracing conflict. He can be quite the grumpy horse, and when something doesn’t suit him – he has no problem being very direct about it. Through his patience ( and those around me lol) I’ve learnt to make his own directiveness my own, and be equally direct about unacceptable behavior. While avoiding conflict seems the easy way out, you only postpone and accumulate more conflict over time. While it doesn’t seem very appealing to face conflict head on, it’s the only way to establish a clear line of communication and building trust among one another – animals and humans alike. Where I used to fear Charlie showing me a point of conflict, I now embrace it and even get a bit excited – because I know that by addressing, opening up and aligning the conflict, we are able to take our relationship a step further. I am grateful for Charlie and all the horses for having shown me that conflict is merely a gateway to change – don’t be afraid to step into it!

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Dropping expectations


Cesar relaxing outside with the black labs.
I’ve been working on dropping all my #expectations in relation to Cesar, no matter how small or seemingly innocent they seem. One of the hidden expectations I identified was a fear of Cesar harassing the dogs and that toddlers in general are not very good with animals.

When Cesar goes through bad teething episodes, he can act out and sometimes this is towards a dog when there is one around. I saw that I feared what other people might think if they see Cesar do this, if they would think less of him and me. I saw that this became an expectation where I am in tension to some extent of another when Cesar is around dogs, as I am expecting that moment when things suddenly turn sour. Now I have been moving and pushing myself to let go of this expectation and to simple be here and letting each moment unfold on its own. Cesar has been a lot more relaxed towards the dogs, spending more time just being with them. In the meantime through their own interactions, they have created their own expectations towards one another, so this we are also working on diffusing.

What expectations are you holding on to that are influence/creating your reality?

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