Underestimation eroding Confidence

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It has been a long time since I had to look through the Internet for ideas of activities to do with Cesar. With his abilities and understanding growing exponentially, he is able to participate more and more in community tasks and chores. He really loves it when he finds something that is within his ability to do. Once he has mastered a particular point, he absolutely insists to do it on his own and to not be helped. Sometimes I forget about what he is actually able of and make things ‘easier for him’ (say taking a ricecake out of a packet and giving it to him – instead of giving him the packet and letting him do it). He will then quickly move my hand away and say NO, at which point I quickly snap out of my automated pilot and let him do what he knows he can. Sometimes he will do the same with something new, insisting he wants to try first before before letting me step in. These moments keep reminding me of how easy it is to underestimate children and if we persist in this pattern, how easy it is to erode their self confidence. Within this I have learnt to give myself the benefit of the doubt when starting something new, and to not assume I cannot do something before I have even started.

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Parenting is AWFUL!

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On Social Media we constantly get bombarded with articles, quotes and images of ‘what it means to parent’, where the baseline mostly comes down to “children ruined my life but it’s the best thing ever that happened to me”. That last bit being a single sentence in a page long rant on how awful it is to be a parent. The other day I came across one such article something like “15 quotes which sum up parenting”. Each quote would point out something awful but then give it a quirky twist that makes it all ‘alright again’. Many of these “awful points” revolve around how we treat our children and the lifestyle we impose on them. Think ‘going to sleep at x time’, ‘having to eat what we feed you’, ‘not taking children serious when they throw a tantrum’, etc. When we follow and enforce a particular parenting lifestyle that over and over and over again brings us to a point of conflict – not only for ourselves, but our children too – shouldn’t we stop for a moment and question what we are doing? Shouldn’t we for a moment stop and check of there’s an alternative? If parenting is a life ruining mission, then something’s wrong. Whenever I find myself in a position of wanting to “fight” my toddler, I know I am looking at the situation from a skewed perspective – and need to consider all the angles available to me. Doesn’t mean that parenting isn’t tough – it takes a lot to dedicate yourself to the life of another person who is much less capable than you. But when it sucks all way around and the only consolation is that it sucks for others as well — we really need to have a look at what we are doing.

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Listen to Your Body

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Cesar keeps surprising me with how in-tuned he is with his body. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. When he is going through an upcoming teething patch, he starts looking for our homeopathic teething support remedy and bottle. Pointing at all the usual places where it is stored and ‘pretending’ to put them in his mouth so we can get an idea of what he is looking for. The teething comes with lots of unsettledness and the adrenaline which is coupled to the pain leaves him being tired but unable to sleep. So when I made myself a cup of catnip chamomile tea – which was standing among many cups on my desk (yes, guilty of cup hoarding) – he insisted he wanted THAT cup with WHATEVER’S IN THERE (catnip works as a sedative and chamomile is calming and relaxing). I shared my tea with him and he grounded himself in no time.
When we’re not sure if he is going through teething or growing pains – we show him our different bottles of homeopathic support and tissue salts – and he will pick up or point at the one he is needing. If he is hungry he will run to the fridge and tell us what he wants to eat (or maybe just play with).
We never forced any foods on him but always presented him with choices, and sharing the food we eat ourselves. If he wants to eat it, he eats it. If he wants to chew on it and spit it out, then he can do that. If he just wants to look at it and touch it – that’s fine too. We knew that inherently, the body knows what it needs and when it needs it, and did not want to impose any of our own preferences of foods on him. He’s a healthy boy who can make his own food choices, and knows when he needs additional support from nature.

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Bathtime = Funtime!

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 Cesar being super excited about his bath. I very rarely take a shower or bath on my own. Cesar enjoys showers and baths so much, it seems to be kind of pointless to exclude him when we can have fun together. In the beginning it was a bit more difficult when his mobility was limited, but now I wash him and he washes me. He hand me my shampoo bottle, my brush. He operates the shower head for me and pours water over my back in the gentlest way – and then we take turns. He also brings me toilet paper and will flush the toilet for me. He gets me a new roll of toilet paper in my hour of need as someone forgot to replace the roll. While for some it may seem inconceivable to have your child around you pretty much all the time since birth and participate in all the things you do – they learn so much and it becomes such an enjoyable relationship and experience for the both, making life so much lighter and easy going.

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Copy Cats

toddler copy cat mirror example

As a parent, we are living examples of what it means to be an adult in this world. The example we would like our children to live up to, is not always what we live ourselves. We may say one thing but our behavior conveys something different. We may expect certain behavior from them but not live it ourselves. Our children may display behavior where we wonder ‘where they got it from’, only realizing too late that it came from us. Children’s eyes are always looking and observing – learning from us and seeking our guidance unconditionally. Nothing gets past children, no matter how hard we try to hide it. It’s our responsibility to meet their unconditional trust with being the best living example we can be, not settling for anything less.

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Dropping expectations


Cesar relaxing outside with the black labs.
I’ve been working on dropping all my #expectations in relation to Cesar, no matter how small or seemingly innocent they seem. One of the hidden expectations I identified was a fear of Cesar harassing the dogs and that toddlers in general are not very good with animals.

When Cesar goes through bad teething episodes, he can act out and sometimes this is towards a dog when there is one around. I saw that I feared what other people might think if they see Cesar do this, if they would think less of him and me. I saw that this became an expectation where I am in tension to some extent of another when Cesar is around dogs, as I am expecting that moment when things suddenly turn sour. Now I have been moving and pushing myself to let go of this expectation and to simple be here and letting each moment unfold on its own. Cesar has been a lot more relaxed towards the dogs, spending more time just being with them. In the meantime through their own interactions, they have created their own expectations towards one another, so this we are also working on diffusing.

What expectations are you holding on to that are influence/creating your reality?

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Here Cesar is busy closing one of our makeshift babylocks aka dogcollar on one of the kitchen cupboards. We used to have actual baby locks on the cupboards, but once he could reach them he figured out a way to open them that we even didn’t think of. We replaced the locks with old dog collars for the sake of prevention but Cesar actually has very little interest to the content inside the cupboards.

It’s actually the adults who forget to put the “locks” back on once opened, and Cesar who makes sure that they are closed and locked.

He doesn’t feel deprived in not being able to access the cupboards, he rather wants to participate in what the adults around him do – where closing the cupboards is something which lies in his response-ability – and so he simply does it. And of course the challenging experience of closing a dog collar for his motor skills only adds to this simple pleasure 🙂

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Crap. I’m Pregnant.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

It started with being late.

Both me and my sister were late though and the other person whose part of our ‘joint’ menstrual cycle was also have some ‘discrepancies’. I had gotten all my pre-menstruation signs: some pimples on my face, chocolate craving, some nausea here and there – but no bleeding.

So the days went by and the days became a week and now I was starting to become a bit concerned. Was I maybe pregnant? Nah, my sister was also late – there was probably some reasonable explanation for this. The seasons were changing, so maybe it had something to do with that, yes, yes, it MUST be the season change…

And then my sister got her periods and she usually gets them just a bit after me so now I was getting a bit anxious. Now I seriously started to worry. Am I pregnant? Or is my cycle messed up? Not knowing was frustrating. The other day when I was at the shops with my partner I had jokingly mentioned that we should get a pregnancy test because I was late. The next day he texted me as he was going to work to ask if he shouldn’t just buy one – and I said yes. That day was weird because I was constantly shifting from Am? Or I am not? And I basically didn’t know so I had to keep on snapping myself out of it and get back to a point of ‘there’s no point worrying, just have to wait and see’.

Then he came back in the evening and I found the test in his bag and started reading the instructions and so on. It was recommended to do the test in the morning, as in the early stages the hormone the kit tests for might still be at very low levels and so it would have a better chance of picking it up in the morning as the hormone would accumulate in your pee overnight.

So I set my alarm for a bit earlier to do the testing procedure. I woke up and quickly took the kit and went to the bathroom, went over the instructions one more time and then peed on the strip. I waited for a few minutes which seemed to take forever and nothing showed up. I was a bit relieved, like Phew, ok the test went wrong, I can still NOT be pregnant. And then I looked at the strip again and there out of ‘nowhere’ two faint pink stripes started appearing slowly but surely. I remember reading that no matter how faint, a second line would indicate a positive.

This happened all so unexpectedly, against all odds ….and yet here was the pregnancy strip staring at me with two pink stripes: I am pregnant. Uh Oh.

A weird sensation went through my body but other than that I was pretty okay – there was nothing I could do except for adapt to the situation.

I was sitting on the toilet looking at the strip and thinking ‘I am not prepared for this’. Then I looked at the point and placed myself in different contexts, like in the future and having planned for a pregnancy and finding out I am pregnant and I realised: I would still not have been prepared and I would have still had the same response. There’s not really a way that you can ‘prepare’ yourself for a first pregnancy. You can read a lot of books, magazines and articles and talk to people – but when the realization hits you that there’s a little someone growing inside you and that it’s actually happening; that = you can’t prepare yourself for. This is something you just have to walk and take moment by moment and day by day.

So I left the bathroom and went to wake up my partner, shaking him and when I’d see his eyes go open I went ‘the test was positive’. I wasn’t sure how he would respond to this information so I was kind of concerned and reserved as I said it and just wanted to see how he would react. He was immediately awake and went ‘What? How did this happen?!’. But then I think he realised how what he said was coming over and his face immediately changed and he was very calm and just said ‘okay, what now?.  Because it was morning and our morning schedules run quite fast in terms of one thing happening after the other and him going off to work soon I said we’d go talk to some else later in the evening and get some perspective.

So now I knew I was pregnant but now there was a new question: where do we go from here? Do we embrace this point and continue the pregnancy or do we terminate it? So those were the two questions bugging me that day lol. I tried to keep myself as busy as possible physically so I wouldn’t torture myself with these questions.

I did look at both points and considering the pros and contras of each to see what decision to make. But since it was still going to be awhile before my partner would be home I tried to leave it as much as possible. So then my partner came home and I indicated that I wanted to talk first in our room about this before speaking to someone else. We hadn’t really talked about children before – for myself I figured we’d have kids after I was done with my studies and would have more time and assumed that my partner kind of expected the same. I knew we’d have kids because we could both see that it makes sense to bring children into this world and to raise them according to principles that you want to see being lived in the world.

So I said, let’s have “that” talk – the talk about kids that we had not yet had before. The point is here so let’s open it up, share our perspectives and see what comes out of it. So I shared my side where I was basically more coming from a concern of it being ‘bad timing’ and not having expected for this to happen so soon – which he agreed, but then we also agreed that we were going to do this at some stage anyway, and it had presented itself right here, right now…so why not? And then I asked like, do you want to have a kid and he said ‘yes’ and he asked me and I said ‘yes’ so okay, now we know we are cool with both options. The conversation itself was quite funny because here we were now, laying/sitting on the bed talking about babies and kids and I hadn’t expected myself to have that conversation any time soon, I mean, babies – at least human ones – wasn’t really part of reality on the farm I live in, so it wasn’t like it would ‘come up’ as a point often to look at. Anyway, so we had a laugh at the whole situation but we were both quite happy about what opened up and having clarity from both sides on where we stand. And so we went off to talk to talk to a friend which had always been a much valued counsellor in any matter, who would always voice his perspective even though it wasn’t always what we’d want to hear.

So we went to talk to him and he was pretty much like ‘yea I already saw it coming’ and ‘it was inevitable’ and not really showing any sign of being surprised lol –he’s kind of like that, no matter what you say to him or what news you bring (and how nervous you might be about it) he just kind of takes in the new information, re-calibrates the variables and responds in such a down to earth manner as if you’d just let him know something about the weather .
So we went over the points and we got to the point where we agreed that the support is here in terms of the our living environment and financials, and that we have everything in place to be able to do this, so why not? I cried a bit because I was a bit scared, as in actually deciding on it really made the reality of the situation settle in – the point of ‘being a mother’ was like alien to me so I had to get passed that initial shock response and then I saw I was actually quite happy and excited about the whole thing and so the decision was made and people were informed and plans were put in place.

Within this whole event it was quite interesting to see how things developed and where I myself had always seen ‘pregnancy’ and ‘being pregnant’ as some form of ‘nightmare situation’ – which was quite clear in terms of how I responded to my periods being late and actually finding out that I was pregnant – it hadn’t been a pleasant experience. And I remember looking at it, and asking myself like, why am I being so worried and basically ‘negative’ about it – where does this come from?

And then the contrast of actually talking to my partner and talking to other people and simply embracing and being excited about it afterwards felt really ‘natural’ in terms of ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’ and I didn’t get why I had made such a big deal about it in my head previously.

As I was busy writing this blog, I also had massive reactions towards whenever typing the word ‘mother’ – and I almost had a gag reflexes going on as I was typing M-o-t-h-e-r. So this distinctively negative experience and reaction to the word is something I want to investigate for myself and see how I can change my relationship and attitude towards the word mother, and so being a mother myself.

Stay tuned!