To Buy or Not to Buy

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Christmas times around and the topic of toys in parenting circles is hot. The other day I went to the mall with Cesar and as we were strolling around his eyes were just gazing and tracing all the Christmas decoration with shiny balls and lights sweeping him by every meter we strolled.

He was absolutely captivated and insisted his must touch it and have it. Obviously, the lights and balls are not ours to touch and take – because they belong to the shop and he can easily break them. So what do you do as a parent in a situation like this? He was clearly showing me a longing to experience ‘something’ but I couldn’t give him the experience he wanted. We then went into a toy shop to see if we could get him a ‘replacement’ so he could indulge in something he wanted to experience, and giving him something that we were in a position to actually give. A friend that was with me, offered to buy a car of his choosing. We showed him his range of choice and after a bit of pushing he pointed out which car he wanted. This got him to re-direct his attention to the car. But the decorations where EVERYWHERE pushing themselves in his face all the time, that eventually he did go back to wanting to experience them. So then we did, for a moment let him touch some of the decoration – and we looked for a ball we could buy him that he was not going to be able to break and was within our budget – which we simply couldn’t find (everything was bulk). So now, I had to be honesty with him – that I understand that he wants it but that we are not in a position to get it for him, because we are limited by money to gain access to these things and money and this stage is distributed in a way where many do not have access and some have access to everything.

The moment I am honest about it – he gets it – and he settles down. Even though his is 2 years old and doesn’t have my vocabulary – he can see and sense the sincerity in my voice and that I’m not hiding anything to him, and so he settles down because he is assured that I’m looking out for his and ours best interest.

To be continued

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