Connecting with your Natural Drive

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Sometimes Cesar will do as we do when working together outside, other times he does what we’d also like to do – like being pushed around in a wheelbarrow. Whenever we can, we attend our little social-work-outside-get-together. We never force him to participate but do ask him to stick around. With house cleaning we do the same. Initially he didn’t participate, but the more he saw us do it and the more capable he grew, the more he started pitching in and start cleaning on his own.
When I first came to live on the farm, all I had known was all the things I HAD to do, what I had been told I MUST do. For the first time I didn’t have to do anything. Yet, soon enough I found myself getting involved in projects, help out, start new things. In the end no-one wants to just sit around or play all day. We all have a natural drive to explore and to create. Unfortunately, most of us live in a ‘one size fits all’ system, where only some types of ‘doing’ are rewarded and anything else it throttled. We then lose our connection to our natural drive and only move ourselves if there’s a carrot or stick involved.

I would want everyone to grow up and live in an environment that fosters this natural drive, that allows people to contribute and create real added value because they can and it’s common sense to do so.
The world would be a different place. Yet, we don’t have to wait for this to happen,we can each in our individual lives, our personal relationships – push to bring the best version out of ourselves, to investigate our motives and what drives us – start making little changes in what we do, how we do it and why we do things, and let these changes ripple outwards.

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Community Time

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Every day we spend half an hour together in the afternoon doing whatever tending is required around the farm. We all have busy schedules, many projects running, and it’s easy to forget to take a moment to get down to earth and connect with the people around you. Here we are weeding by the Moringa trees, soon to be mulched for winter.

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Horse Antics

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Cesar filling up the water bath for the horses. First Quizzy the little Welsh pony came along to drink from the little water that Cesar had already filled in the bath. Then Sagon came along and decided to chase Quizzy away from the water so he could have the bath all for himself. Even though Quizzy already moved and was waiting his turn, Sagon would throw ugly faces at him and pull his ears back at him. Each time Sagon got snappy Cesar would lift the nozzle of the water hose and spray some water in Sagon’s face who would get all confuzzled and then mind his own business again. I find it fascinating to see him play with these animals several times there size and having no fear when it comes to pushing their buttons. Sometimes I wonder who’s parenting who

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Sleepy Time

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While Cesar is still going through his odd sleeping pattern of staying up till late into the night, the black labs (Blackie & Nibble) don’t mind spending the time with him. Blackie and Cesar play ball, Nibble gets comfortable and is on the lookout for crumbs. Then, when Cesar is eventually tired and wanting to knock out – he goes lay next to one them (or on top, which Blackie is okay with but is a no-no for Nibble) and falls asleep. Sometimes he will try and go to sleep several times, and each time copy the body position of the dog he is lying next to, checking out what’s so comfortable about it.

Here, Nibble and Cesar are sleeping in Cesar’s cot-turned-couch, as mirror reflections. Lately Cesar’s also been playing with pillows. He usually just falls asleep straight on the floor without any pillow or blanket, or on the mattress, with no pillow or blanket (he will wake up to get the blanket off of him).

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Farm Work or Farm Fun? You Decide

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Digging holes is laborious work, as many things are on a farm where physical
action is required to create new things or maintain current structures.
While on the farm, Gian has been exploring different ways of using his body
where he can get things done but move his body and actions in such a way
that they are sustainable and don’t burn him out.
When I venture on a new task on the farm, I’ll run by Gian to ask for
suggestions on how to best approach and execute the task, and he will help
me get my ‘technique’ right. His suggestions always remind me to respect the
real physical limitations and process that needs to take place, and to not
try and impose ‘what I want’ and ‘when I want it done’ on my reality, as it
only leads to unnecessary consequence.
The soil on the farm can be quite difficult to dig into us, as we have a
thin layer of top soil, some clay and then soon enough just hit rock and
We’ve been removing many invasive and non-indigenous trees, we’ve been
planting new trees indigenous to the area to provide shade and food for
birds and bugs. To get the earth lose, we first use a digging bar to split
the earth, and then dig up the loose soil with a spade. Then, there’s a new
hard layer to dig lose with the bar to then again dig up with the spade –
this goes on until we have a deep enough hole for the tree. Cesar is very
perceptive in picking up how people are using their bodies and in how far
they are in their bodies while doing a certain activity. Seeing Gian’s focus
and enjoyment of moving his body deliberately, within awareness – got him to
pick up the spade which Gian wasn’t using at that specific moment, and
started copying Gian’s movements and actions with the spade in the pile of
soil that was already dug up. When Gian had to go, I took over for a bit to
practice my shoulder muscles. All in all Cesar, kept digging with us for
quite some time, never getting bored because we didn’t get bored either.
When I felt I had to give my muscles a rest, I told him and we moved to a
different activity.

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— with Gian Robberts.

Poo Blankets for Trees

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Today Cesar and I went and gave some of the trees a ‘poo blanket’. We each
had a bucket and he insisted on wearing one of my (way too big for him)
gloves. We’d fill up our buckets by the carport, by hand or with some of his
beach toys – carry them to the orchard and spread the poo around the base of
the fruit trees. When it rains, the fertilizing properties of the horse poo
compost will trickle down into the earth to provide the fruit trees with the
nutritional elements they need this summer while they grow. Over the
compost, we will also place a layer of mulch from old stable bedding hay,
which again provides extra nutrition when it rains and will assist with
keeping the earth moist by the tree, as not as much water will be able to
evaporate on the hot days. The mulching also helps with keeping weeds at
bay. Cesar enjoyed every step of the process, but unfortunately it was a
very hot day and we only got two trees done before he insisted we stop and
seek out the shade. We’ll be doing this little activity every day, as I’m
always looking for new ways for Cesar to learn, explore and discover, to
contribute to farm activities and use up his abundant toddler energy.

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Animal Friends

horses field toddler walk leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is taking a walk with his trolley and saying hi to the horses in the distance. It’s been absolutely fascinating to see him interact fearlessly with the horses (though it’s not always mutual lol). With the hot weather he has been really into playing with our water spray bottles as substitute water guns. The other day he took it with on our walk and thought it would be really fun to spray the horses. Tyson, his first target rather enjoyed the face spray and licking the drops from his muzzle. Next was Chippie who took off like a bullet, much to Cesars excitement as he went ‘WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’. Once they both calmed down Chippie came walking down to him and Cesar gently rubbed his forehead – no hard feelings. When I was a child I grew up with very little animals in my surroundings. Animals were very much ‘out there’ and when I would be up close with one I would never know how to act, there was always a form of awkwardness. The only things I knew about animals was from pictures,books and TV – but I never got to know ‘the animal’. Cesar approaches animals just like any other being, just beings here, just like him. He knows them by their presence and not from knowledge and information. If only everyone got to learn about animals through being with them,seeing them for who they really are rather than ‘knowing about them ‘ as knowledge and information – which is really just a form of ignorance – we’d be treating and living with animals in a whole different way.

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