Our Farm, Our Creation

toddler TLB tractor loader backhoe farmlife

After the TLB (tractor-loader-backhoe) was done digging Charlie’s grave, it spent most of the day evening out and digging the dam deeper. When we get one of these machines out for grave digging occasions, they are here for the entire day so we put them to use wherever we can. Cesar and I spent a good hour watching the TLB at work. He loves anything big on wheels, so this was like Christmas for him.
It is quite funny sitting there while the men comment on what the TLB is doing, how their eyes glinster at the sight of such a machine, hear them translate what the TLB is doing into manual labour hours. Spending time outside, working on a farm, with the Earth and physical materials definitely gives you a new perspective on what it takes to create something. From building rooms, fencing, growing food, maintaining trees, structuring and maintaining your water systems. When I lived in Belgium I was only ever faced with end-result products that I could buy and enjoy. I never looked or considered how something was created, what the labour involved must have been like.
On this farm, much we have built and created together, and all the things we can do and enjoy today, is substantiated by the process that was put into it. Where every piece of the farm has a history behind it. It’s not just a home, a place where we live – it’s our creation. I’m grateful to all our current farmsies, to those who have stayed and gone with us throughout the years and all those who haven’t yet come to stay with us but supported us from their own homes, all across the world. Thank you – without all of you this place wouldn’t have been possible, so grateful to be able to raise my son here as a result of many people’s +1s around the globe.

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The Unknown Possibilities

toddler deck south africa tools boys parenting leilazamoramoreno

Cesar enjoys being around when Gian is working on the little viewing/picnick deck that’s in the process of creation. He’ll try and put nails into the slats, or find a rock to imitate the work being done on the structure. Cesar enjoys putting things together, seeing what he can create from different elements, seeing how they can fit together. In a way, the structure being built is of a similar nature, and when you hear the men on the farm discuss these type of projects, can see that childlike expression bubble up as they discuss and explore the possibilities and take pride in the progression and creation of whatever they are working on. In those moments where Cesar is intently focused on putting something together and seeing those moments where Gian is intently focused on a project, can see that this drive to create, to explore, to expand is naturally inherent in us all. Exploring the yet unknown “possibilities”. It would be great to have this natural drive nurtured and fostered, instead of beaten out of us in the quest to survive and comply to some narrow and limited view of “how things are done”. How things have been done and are done = we have the result before us today, a bleak picture. Let’s explore the possibilities!

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Farm Work or Farm Fun? You Decide

digging hole father son farmlife leilazamoramoreno

Digging holes is laborious work, as many things are on a farm where physical
action is required to create new things or maintain current structures.
While on the farm, Gian has been exploring different ways of using his body
where he can get things done but move his body and actions in such a way
that they are sustainable and don’t burn him out.
When I venture on a new task on the farm, I’ll run by Gian to ask for
suggestions on how to best approach and execute the task, and he will help
me get my ‘technique’ right. His suggestions always remind me to respect the
real physical limitations and process that needs to take place, and to not
try and impose ‘what I want’ and ‘when I want it done’ on my reality, as it
only leads to unnecessary consequence.
The soil on the farm can be quite difficult to dig into us, as we have a
thin layer of top soil, some clay and then soon enough just hit rock and
We’ve been removing many invasive and non-indigenous trees, we’ve been
planting new trees indigenous to the area to provide shade and food for
birds and bugs. To get the earth lose, we first use a digging bar to split
the earth, and then dig up the loose soil with a spade. Then, there’s a new
hard layer to dig lose with the bar to then again dig up with the spade –
this goes on until we have a deep enough hole for the tree. Cesar is very
perceptive in picking up how people are using their bodies and in how far
they are in their bodies while doing a certain activity. Seeing Gian’s focus
and enjoyment of moving his body deliberately, within awareness – got him to
pick up the spade which Gian wasn’t using at that specific moment, and
started copying Gian’s movements and actions with the spade in the pile of
soil that was already dug up. When Gian had to go, I took over for a bit to
practice my shoulder muscles. All in all Cesar, kept digging with us for
quite some time, never getting bored because we didn’t get bored either.
When I felt I had to give my muscles a rest, I told him and we moved to a
different activity.

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— with Gian Robberts.

Cesar’s Way

toddler walk dog leilazamoramoreno

Lj took the big dogs with him when he went to clean the stables, and Cesar got upset because he also wanted to walk a dog – but the big dogs are too tall and strong for him. Since the little ones were still at the house, we decided to take them for a walk. We had a nice long slow walk so Cesar could keep up. In all our previous walks, Cesar would come to a point where he got upset when things didn‘t go right, and we’d have to stop the walk or carry him along. This time he was calm and just directed the points as they came along. Both him and Boeboe seem to have the same stamina and endurance on the walk (they also ran together for a bit lol) so together they are a good match.

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Picking Up Poo is FUN

toddler cleaning stable horses leilazamoramoreno

Cesar and I went for a walk in the horse camps, when Cesar decided he wanted to pick up poo. He was picking up poo in front of the stables so I directed him to a stable that hadn’t been cleaned yet. He handed me some gloves, I handed him a bucket – and we cleaned up the whole stable. I used to clean a stable every day and it took me some time to get over the “work” element that I had attached to task. I would clean Charlie’s stable in the morning and it was mostly the “morning” factor contributing to resisting cleaning the stables, where I didn’t allow myself to wake up effectively bit instead stayed in the drowsy zone and wanting to go back to sleep. Then I pushed myself to just do the stable and it actually became a nice part of my morning where the simple task of picking up poo and sorting through hay to get the pee hay out had some sort of meditative quality. I the task is a “no brainer” so it was nice to just move my physical body and not burden myself withing anything inside myself but the simple task of cleaning a stable. This would then set set a calmness and stability in place for the rest of the day, while gently warming up my body to get ready for the day.
I enjoy these moments with Cesar where we can clean a stable just for the sheer fun of it, reminding me to not take simple activities and tasks for granted.

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Bathtime = Funtime!

toddler bath happy leilazamoramoreno

 Cesar being super excited about his bath. I very rarely take a shower or bath on my own. Cesar enjoys showers and baths so much, it seems to be kind of pointless to exclude him when we can have fun together. In the beginning it was a bit more difficult when his mobility was limited, but now I wash him and he washes me. He hand me my shampoo bottle, my brush. He operates the shower head for me and pours water over my back in the gentlest way – and then we take turns. He also brings me toilet paper and will flush the toilet for me. He gets me a new roll of toilet paper in my hour of need as someone forgot to replace the roll. While for some it may seem inconceivable to have your child around you pretty much all the time since birth and participate in all the things you do – they learn so much and it becomes such an enjoyable relationship and experience for the both, making life so much lighter and easy going.

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Animal Friends

horses field toddler walk leilazamoramoreno

Here Cesar is taking a walk with his trolley and saying hi to the horses in the distance. It’s been absolutely fascinating to see him interact fearlessly with the horses (though it’s not always mutual lol). With the hot weather he has been really into playing with our water spray bottles as substitute water guns. The other day he took it with on our walk and thought it would be really fun to spray the horses. Tyson, his first target rather enjoyed the face spray and licking the drops from his muzzle. Next was Chippie who took off like a bullet, much to Cesars excitement as he went ‘WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’. Once they both calmed down Chippie came walking down to him and Cesar gently rubbed his forehead – no hard feelings. When I was a child I grew up with very little animals in my surroundings. Animals were very much ‘out there’ and when I would be up close with one I would never know how to act, there was always a form of awkwardness. The only things I knew about animals was from pictures,books and TV – but I never got to know ‘the animal’. Cesar approaches animals just like any other being, just beings here, just like him. He knows them by their presence and not from knowledge and information. If only everyone got to learn about animals through being with them,seeing them for who they really are rather than ‘knowing about them ‘ as knowledge and information – which is really just a form of ignorance – we’d be treating and living with animals in a whole different way.

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Farm Living

farm living toddler dogs horses

Living on a farm with lots of animals is a wonderful experience for a toddler. The idea of having lots of animals and pets around is a very ‘nice’ one – but we often forget or miss the reality of added responsibility, awareness and diligence. Especially in the beginning, every interaction with animals must be guided and many mistakes will be made, as babies and toddlers like to test their boundaries and various types of ’cause and effect’. One bad memory can easily shape and define a relationship, both for toddler and animal – so we always make sure that interactions remain supportive, and if something does happen, we immediately create the space for Cesar and/or the animal to correct themselves. Both Cesar and the animals can have moments of slipping into reaction, but it is also cool to see how Forgiving they can be with one another and make up with pets and cuddles.

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