Sometimes you just have to Start – Anywhere

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Two days ago, this little driveway garden was a complete mess. It was so overgrown, you could barely see that anything was planted there. Everyone was kind of standing around, looking at which section would be a good start. But it was so messy, there was really no one good spot to start, each section looked just as dreadful as the next. It was funny, cause it looked like everyone was kind of realising this at the same moment, where everyone just took a deep breath, moved to the little garden and put their hands in a random spot, and just got started. After spending 2 half hour sessions taking the excess overgrown grass out, we’re almost done and can plant new additions to the garden. This reminds me of when we go through our own mountains, where we face a personal crisis and it just seems ‘so big’, and it’s ‘so messy’ – you don’t know where to start. Looking at the problem, you feel disencouraged and you believe you’ll never get to the end of it. But just as with this garden, it doesn’t matter where you start, you just got to start somewhere. And just as with the garden, the amount of work and time something will take is mostly exaggerated in our minds. Once we get to it, it’s actually not that bad.

Also – who knew Sunette could weed so gracefully? Lol

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Nature’s Playground

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Plucking some tiny red peppers with Cesar. It has been a while since we’ve had red pepper, as it costs at least double the price of the green peppers in the shops.
We now have a whole bunch of pepper plants on the nursery whose green peppers are starting to turn red. With some of the big rains lately we’ve been able to pluck a lot of figs, some of which we dried in the sun so they can keep longer.
Next we are awaiting the apples of the apple trees to ripen so we can make some home made apple cider vinegar.
Cesar’s been very happy to participate in plucking fruits, veg and herbs, watering plants, crafting (turns out toddler’s motoric skills are great to create a rustic look lol) and helping me make oil infusions and tinctures.
Next want to test if he is ready to assist me with making seedlings and taking care of them in trays.

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Farm Work or Farm Fun? You Decide

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Digging holes is laborious work, as many things are on a farm where physical
action is required to create new things or maintain current structures.
While on the farm, Gian has been exploring different ways of using his body
where he can get things done but move his body and actions in such a way
that they are sustainable and don’t burn him out.
When I venture on a new task on the farm, I’ll run by Gian to ask for
suggestions on how to best approach and execute the task, and he will help
me get my ‘technique’ right. His suggestions always remind me to respect the
real physical limitations and process that needs to take place, and to not
try and impose ‘what I want’ and ‘when I want it done’ on my reality, as it
only leads to unnecessary consequence.
The soil on the farm can be quite difficult to dig into us, as we have a
thin layer of top soil, some clay and then soon enough just hit rock and
We’ve been removing many invasive and non-indigenous trees, we’ve been
planting new trees indigenous to the area to provide shade and food for
birds and bugs. To get the earth lose, we first use a digging bar to split
the earth, and then dig up the loose soil with a spade. Then, there’s a new
hard layer to dig lose with the bar to then again dig up with the spade –
this goes on until we have a deep enough hole for the tree. Cesar is very
perceptive in picking up how people are using their bodies and in how far
they are in their bodies while doing a certain activity. Seeing Gian’s focus
and enjoyment of moving his body deliberately, within awareness – got him to
pick up the spade which Gian wasn’t using at that specific moment, and
started copying Gian’s movements and actions with the spade in the pile of
soil that was already dug up. When Gian had to go, I took over for a bit to
practice my shoulder muscles. All in all Cesar, kept digging with us for
quite some time, never getting bored because we didn’t get bored either.
When I felt I had to give my muscles a rest, I told him and we moved to a
different activity.

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— with Gian Robberts.

Poo Blankets for Trees

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Today Cesar and I went and gave some of the trees a ‘poo blanket’. We each
had a bucket and he insisted on wearing one of my (way too big for him)
gloves. We’d fill up our buckets by the carport, by hand or with some of his
beach toys – carry them to the orchard and spread the poo around the base of
the fruit trees. When it rains, the fertilizing properties of the horse poo
compost will trickle down into the earth to provide the fruit trees with the
nutritional elements they need this summer while they grow. Over the
compost, we will also place a layer of mulch from old stable bedding hay,
which again provides extra nutrition when it rains and will assist with
keeping the earth moist by the tree, as not as much water will be able to
evaporate on the hot days. The mulching also helps with keeping weeds at
bay. Cesar enjoyed every step of the process, but unfortunately it was a
very hot day and we only got two trees done before he insisted we stop and
seek out the shade. We’ll be doing this little activity every day, as I’m
always looking for new ways for Cesar to learn, explore and discover, to
contribute to farm activities and use up his abundant toddler energy.

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Herb Time!

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Here Cesar and I are picking herb leaves to dry for tea making. In this particular moment we were gathering some catnip, the base for our favourite tea blend. Since not everyone on the farm is close to the fresh herbs, we are going to dry them out and make little blend packages for others to enjoy and have around in their homes. Cesar’s gotten really good at stripping off leaves from stems and collecting them in tubs. Each time we moved to another herb he insisted we needed more catnip! We and others have definitely been enjoying the benefits of these herbs and we will be exploring more ways of how we can integrate them in our every day living (I’m thinking wild magic basil soap mmmmm smells so nice)

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Here Cesar is sniffing up some pennyroyal scent. He has been showing more interest in plants lately so we have been working on building up his plant vocabulary. He’ll walk to one plant and ask: “This?” then I’ll say the name a few times, sometimes he will repeat it other times he just walks straight to the next one again asking “This?”. He can go on like this for quite some time, being really thirsty for some knowledge. This also pushes me to ask / find out about plant names and expand my own plant vocabulary along with Cesar’s. With the hot weather and his water spray “gun”, he also likes going around the garden and house multiple times spraying some water for all the plants. He is very diligent and specific and always lets me know if I missed one. Since I made some lavender sachets the other day which he really liked sniffing, he has now also made it a point to smell all the plants and to get to know the plants by their smell. Plants and gardening only became a part of my life since I came to the farm – and now I can’t imagine a life without it!

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