My Little Helper

lavender crafts diy parenting toddler leilazamoramoreno

Cesar showcasing some of the lavender we trimmed. I would trim and he would put it in his little pull trolley.
This lavender we are going to try and then use for bath salts and lavender sachets. I am grateful for the financial stability in my life, where I was able to shift my main occupation which was computer based, to one where I can move around, be outside, work with my hands and have my baby/toddler walk with me / by me so he can have an equally fulfilling day of moving, doing and exploring. I don’t have to sacrifice ‘working’ to be able to spend time with my child, and neither does he have to be sacrificed in order to keep a particular job going. Imagine he level of happiness in this world when provisions like this are made through a guaranteed living income!

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