Different People, Different Expressions

toddler wooden blocks play parenting

Here, Maite built a structure for Cesar to play with his animals. It’s interesting to see the different ideas people implement with the same building materials. Our previous structure had steps and bridges, this one has a yard and gates. Playing with different people, Cesar comes into contact with different possibilities, different expressions from which he can learn, grow, develop and make his own.

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Animated Story Book

laptop movie good dinosaur vocabulary screen time leilazamoramoreno

When we watch a movie, we treat it like an animated story book. As each scene passes by, I describe to him what’s happening and place things into context/perspective. This gives us an opportunity to expand his vocabulary as we can show him things he hasn’t seen before, and when we do eventually get to see them, we can reference it back to the movie, so that a link gets created to physical reality (or show him it doesn’t work that way in reality!).

Through speaking and interacting with the movie, we assist each other in remaining grounded in our bodies and remain aware of our environment, instead of slowly slipping into a ‘zoning out’ mode.

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Tuning in to your Child’s Interests

toddler words chalk reading parenting leilazamoramoreno

Cesar’s appetite for learning words comes and goes. The last few days he’s been really into acquiring new words wanting to go through one book after the other. Here, we had gone through all the books we had – but Cesar wanted ‘MORE!’. So we took some chalk and started writing words, and point to the objects, animals or people the word referred to in the room. This kept is busy for more than an hour. Whenever we tune in to Cesar’s interests, which depend on his development and movement of his natural learning ability, it’s easy to keep ourselves moving and doing. He really appreciates it, when you take that moment to tune into his interest and see what MORE you can do with him or show him, to make the best and most of it. The look in his eyes that moment he grasps what you are showing him, the moment he sees the possibilities open up, the implications! Oh man, it’s PRICELESS!!!

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Underestimation eroding Confidence

toddler scraping chores parenting leilazamoramoreno

It has been a long time since I had to look through the Internet for ideas of activities to do with Cesar. With his abilities and understanding growing exponentially, he is able to participate more and more in community tasks and chores. He really loves it when he finds something that is within his ability to do. Once he has mastered a particular point, he absolutely insists to do it on his own and to not be helped. Sometimes I forget about what he is actually able of and make things ‘easier for him’ (say taking a ricecake out of a packet and giving it to him – instead of giving him the packet and letting him do it). He will then quickly move my hand away and say NO, at which point I quickly snap out of my automated pilot and let him do what he knows he can. Sometimes he will do the same with something new, insisting he wants to try first before before letting me step in. These moments keep reminding me of how easy it is to underestimate children and if we persist in this pattern, how easy it is to erode their self confidence. Within this I have learnt to give myself the benefit of the doubt when starting something new, and to not assume I cannot do something before I have even started.

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Words create our World

baby toddler reading

Here Gian and Cesar are going over some of the words we’ve put around the house for Cesar’s enjoyment. We started teaching – well not so much teaching as just showing – Cesar how to read less than 2 months ago. He can read most of the words he can speak, and some words he knows and can read but is still working on how to speak them. The learning process has been very easy. This is quite contrary to most people’s experience, as we only get taught how to reach much later and in a way that goes against our own natural learning ability. With Cesar, we showed him many words repeatedly, speaking them, acting them out, showing them in the physical world and showing picture representations. Initially, all he picks up on and registers is the general shape or symbol of the word. Once he got past a certain amount of words that he can recognize wholly, he naturally started to be able to analyze and recognize patterns in the words such as individual letters – and started reading words he had not seen before, but was able to read and speak them because he now had created a nice reference framework for himself from all the words he had learned as a whole.

In school we do the opposite, where we are first taught the alphabet and individual letters and then paste these together to form/read a word. This makes it much harder to learn/read words and causes us to read slowly, having to take in each individual letter. When we imprint whole words, we can read words and sentences much faster, allowing us to process information much more efficiently.

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