My Little Helper

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Cesar showcasing some of the lavender we trimmed. I would trim and he would put it in his little pull trolley.
This lavender we are going to try and then use for bath salts and lavender sachets. I am grateful for the financial stability in my life, where I was able to shift my main occupation which was computer based, to one where I can move around, be outside, work with my hands and have my baby/toddler walk with me / by me so he can have an equally fulfilling day of moving, doing and exploring. I don’t have to sacrifice ‘working’ to be able to spend time with my child, and neither does he have to be sacrificed in order to keep a particular job going. Imagine he level of happiness in this world when provisions like this are made through a guaranteed living income!

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It’s the MOOOOOOOoooon!!

moon toddler lig leilazamoramoreno

We have a beautiful reddish moon tonight. Cesar looooves seeing the moon. It’s impossible for him to carry out a task from A to B in one go when he spots the moon. He just keeps pointing at it, shouting MOOOON, then remember about his activity, only to two seconds later remember that there’s the MOOOON!!!! While we both enjoy the full moon scenery, in the world we live today – the full moon has also become a dreaded symbol. In a country torn by poverty and income inequality, the full moon announces an increase in crime, as it is easier to move through the night to break in, steal and get away. The animals are restless, and so are the humans – who will get hit tonight? Nature conservationists hold their breath – how many animals will be poached tonight?

We leave no thing untainted in our imbalanced way of life. The moon is no longer just a moon. A person is not just a person, you need to deserve to be a person, to be alive. All these weird little rules and beliefs which cause so much wreck and havoc, and for absolutely no reason.
If you like me believe that every person has the right to life – the right to live simply because they exist : investigate Living Income Guaranteed @
Let’s stop this madness

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The joy of sleeping together!


I didn’t start off sleeping with Cesar from the get go. I had no knowledge whatsoever of babies and parenting, that I put a lot of trust in books and what the “experts” tell us to do.

Sleeping apart was just not working for us. He would wake up soooo often during the night and noticed that when I eventually would just fall asleep in the rocking chair with him, that we’d both sleep much better. After hitting rock bottom with the endless getting in and out of bed at night and getting no sleep whatsoever – I decided to give co-sleeping a shot.

Omg, if only I had done this from day one. We were finally getting some rest and it was so nice to fall asleep cuddled up together. I simply made the decision to not make any movement in my sleep without me being awake and aware of what I am doing, to ensure Cesar’s safety, and that’s exactly how we are still doing it to this day.

I’ve found that a lot of the #expertadvise is so rooted in the framework of mommy and daddy having to go to work everyday, where separation between parent and child is inevitable that it is already recommended from the get go. Giving the baby his own room, timing feeds, sleep training babies by letting them cry it out – doing the bare minimum so mom and dad can remain functional in their jobs and keep the money coming in. It is heartbreaking to see how much we’ve molded and conditioned parenting around the sole purpose of keeping the money-chasing game going. Where we have no choice but to follow the prescribed way of parenting and baby rearing as we are bound by money to do so. A #LivingIncomeGuaranteed can help in creating time and space for parents to #question the current #parentingparadigm and really explore the optimum ways of bringing up a child.

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That moment when you’re really tired and want to go to sleep….


That moment when you’re really tired and want to go to sleep, but your toddler just woke up from a 5 hour evening nap cause he only managed to sleep for ten minutes during the day.

Every day and night is different and you have to be able to just roll with whatever comes up. Unfortunately many cannot afford to ‘just roll’ with their children as we live in a world of survival, where we are bound to schedules in our quest to survive – and so equally we force our children into schedules to make them fit our survival-style, oops, I mean ‘life-style’.

I am eternally grateful to be in a position where I have the means to adapt to support my child rather than forcing him to adapt to a life dominated by the need to secure our survival. This is something I wish for every parent and child in the world and why I support a #LivingIncomeGuaranteed

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