Fire Season

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Cesar decided to hitchhike along in the Bakkie while many were busy doing firebreaks in what we dub “the big field”. Every year during winter time which is our dry, and so also our fire season – we burn the edges of the farm in the case of fire breakouts, so that the fires can’t travel from field to field, farm to farm – which can happen quick when it’s dry and windy. The whole process took a bit more than two hours, which we observed mostly from inside the bakkie, watching what everyone is doing, explaining what each person’s role is. Oh, and fitting on sunglasses he found in the bakkie, insisting that ‘upside down’ is really the right way one should wear sunglasses.

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Who’s The Real Danger?

snake bush kwzazulu natal leilazamoramoreno

We met the spotted bush snake once more! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for him since I haven’t seen his kind before on the farm (or anywhere else really), and I’m quite curious about the little guy. Today while walking around with Cesar we found him by one of the raintanks. Cesar shouted “SNAAAKE!!!”. He likes playing pretend snake with rope like objects, making snakes from molding clay and flip through our snake book. So he was really happy to see a live one. We went ahead and admired him up close. Cesar stroke the little snake who didn’t budge, and then offered him some horsepoo to eat – which he politely declined! It’s funny how we tend to react in immense fear when seeing or meeting a potentially ‘dangerous’ animal. Take a lion, who on average kill 250 humans a year. Imagine if you see a lion, fear jolts through you at an intensity of ‘250 points’. Humans kill an average of 475 000 people on average a year. Technically, we should be scared shitless each time we spot a human. 1900 times more scared than what we are of a lion. We get so busy fearing nature and animals, we forget about the real dangers in life.

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dam rain life earth leilazamoramoreno
Gian and Cesar exploring the dam now that it is full of water. We’ve been waiting for the rains quite a bit now and didn’t even think the dam would fill this year. It’s interesting how when I was a city dweller living in Belgium, the only thing the rain means was, cold, wetness and my hair getting all frizzed when I would be on my way to places. All it was, was a nuisance. Living on a farm for a while, in an environment where everything depends on the coming and going of seasons and the rains to live a functional life – water as rain suddenly rose to holy proportions. Whereas I would complain and moan before – now I squeal and rejoice with Cesar and Gian each time the rains come. When we hear thunder and see lightning, our eyes lit up. The plants will get water, the animals will have food to eat, the river gets more water providing for more life. Our raintanks get filled, we have drinking and cooking water.
The rains remind us of our interconnected and interdependent design – to never forget that we are not the centre of the universe but each playing a vital role, however small or big, in keeping the whole stable. Each having to play their role *just right* as to not topple the balance and cause catastrophic consequences. Imagine the moon was just a bit closer or further away from us, and the gravitational consequences this would have for us. We have much to learn from nature!
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— with Gian Robberts.

Nature’s Designs

bug beetle rhinocesor green south africa leilazamoramoreno

One of the perks of living with a 2 year old bug fanatic: seeing bugs like this type of rhino beetle which I’ve never seen before. Cesar was pretty excited about this find! Most of the beetles he finds are black or brown. This one had a greenish metallic like head with two horns and a prong at the front of his head. Almost looks like a mini dinosaur

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Poo Blankets for Trees

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Today Cesar and I went and gave some of the trees a ‘poo blanket’. We each
had a bucket and he insisted on wearing one of my (way too big for him)
gloves. We’d fill up our buckets by the carport, by hand or with some of his
beach toys – carry them to the orchard and spread the poo around the base of
the fruit trees. When it rains, the fertilizing properties of the horse poo
compost will trickle down into the earth to provide the fruit trees with the
nutritional elements they need this summer while they grow. Over the
compost, we will also place a layer of mulch from old stable bedding hay,
which again provides extra nutrition when it rains and will assist with
keeping the earth moist by the tree, as not as much water will be able to
evaporate on the hot days. The mulching also helps with keeping weeds at
bay. Cesar enjoyed every step of the process, but unfortunately it was a
very hot day and we only got two trees done before he insisted we stop and
seek out the shade. We’ll be doing this little activity every day, as I’m
always looking for new ways for Cesar to learn, explore and discover, to
contribute to farm activities and use up his abundant toddler energy.

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How much Fun is a Hole in the Ground?

hole fun play leilazamoramoreno

How much #fun is a hole in the ground?
A few days ago, thus hole was the central theme of our day. In the morning while everyone else was doing the farm social, we were digging out small rocks out of the hole – which Maite and Gian had started digging in preparation of planting a new tree. This kept us busy for an hour or two.Then later, something was going on with our geyser which had to be emptied so we put the water in the hole so it would be nice and moist for the tree to come. The water sank down veeeryy slowly which gave us plenty of time of playing with our feet in the water and checking out spatter patterns when throwing in different size rocks in the water. Then, at the end of the day when the water was finally gone – it was all smushy and muddy at the bottom and we ended up poking and playing around in it with some sticks. Who knew a hole in the ground could give rise to such an eventful day?

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It’s the MOOOOOOOoooon!!

moon toddler lig leilazamoramoreno

We have a beautiful reddish moon tonight. Cesar looooves seeing the moon. It’s impossible for him to carry out a task from A to B in one go when he spots the moon. He just keeps pointing at it, shouting MOOOON, then remember about his activity, only to two seconds later remember that there’s the MOOOON!!!! While we both enjoy the full moon scenery, in the world we live today – the full moon has also become a dreaded symbol. In a country torn by poverty and income inequality, the full moon announces an increase in crime, as it is easier to move through the night to break in, steal and get away. The animals are restless, and so are the humans – who will get hit tonight? Nature conservationists hold their breath – how many animals will be poached tonight?

We leave no thing untainted in our imbalanced way of life. The moon is no longer just a moon. A person is not just a person, you need to deserve to be a person, to be alive. All these weird little rules and beliefs which cause so much wreck and havoc, and for absolutely no reason.
If you like me believe that every person has the right to life – the right to live simply because they exist : investigate Living Income Guaranteed @
Let’s stop this madness

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