Are you ready to open up your Pandora’s Box?

Everything that holds us back, our deep dark secrets, our shadow that follows us everywhere – is not the enemy. It’s the result of our untapped potential waiting to be creatively expressed. The longer we run and hide from the worst of ourselves, the longer we deny to explore and live the best of ourselves. Our Pandora’s Box is not to be feared, managed, hidden and be a reason for despair. It’s a cause for celebration!
You have so much more to live for and give in this life.

Life Integration Practitioner & Coach

Hi, I’m Leila Zamora Moreno – Life Integration Practitioner and Coach. Life Integration offers a deep dive into the hidden core of your programming, identifying the patterns and emotional stories that are holding you back – to transform them to a higher purpose that serves you.

An inner alchemy takes place, where we take the worst of you and transmute it into your best.




The flame on the altar represents the undying fire – not of hope, not of destruction – but the undying fire of Life, the Eternal and Real YOU. Poised in the center of two pillars – not of duality – but of paradoxical unity*. The fire of awareness that burns through the veils of illusion. A fire that we’re all in sore need of rekindling –  and proudly keeping it alive.


*Thanks Lao Tzu for having worded that so eloquently

About the Method

Life Integration is a multi-faceted, holistic method. It combines quantum mechanics, support and alignment on a vibrational level and personal guidance to work on all levels of your being.

I make use of dowsing, muscle testing, pathways and gateways in the body, vortex technology cards and my own years of experience in personal transformation and coaching.

Every Life Integration session is a step into the unknown. I never know beforehand what will come up. We meet in agreement to support you to the best of our abilities – no matter what your Pandora’s Box may hold. The sessions are designed in a way that we work with what you are ready to face and change – and what is appropriate to be revealed to you, at any given time.

We can enter a session carte blanche, letting whatever needs to be heard and seen, reveal itself. We can also establish a point of entry, whether it’s a relationship issue, a physical imbalance, an emotional pattern you’re stuck in, a block you can feel but can’t define – really anything you want to gain better clarity and insight on.

Personally, I recommend alternating between having a set direction and letting it be a surprise. Leaving the entry point open gives space for our blind spots to come to the fore. Having a chosen direction empowers you to learn more about certain aspects of yourself that you’re consciously aware of (for instance a very specific, recurring headache, an addiction, etc).

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I have two different options available — all paths lead to Rome so take which ever one speaks to you most 🙂

All services are offered in the following languages:

  1. English (Native Level)
  2. Dutch (Native Level)
  3. French (Fluent)
  4. Spanish (Fluent)
  5. Afrikaans (Fluent)

You have the option to pay an additional fee to have a personal assistant translator present if you choose for any of the languages I am fluent in but need some help in!

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Andreas Wittman

There was a immediate relief and change in my experience after doing a session with Leila, yet I see the technique of life integration now more as a “Sonar” that allowes one to get a look at and become aware of a part of ones inner landscape. In that, you get a “piece of your inner map” that you can take with you and use for navigation in your lifes journey.

Andreas Wittman

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I was experiencing a series of physical symptoms of various illness and deficiencies that had been going on throughout almost an entire year without getting to resolve what they were in fact about with regular doctors. It was in a moment when I said ‘I need some help here’ and that I was searching for other means to help me decipher what my body was trying to tell me that Leila offered her life integration… Read more “Marlen Vargas Del Razo”

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Maite Zamora Moreno

Life Integration sessions with Leila have been like a gift from heaven for me. I am the mother of a (soon to be) 2 year old girl and have seen and experienced the extent to which my thoughts, words and deeds affect my daughter. She shapes herself by my example and when my living is not in harmony with what is best for me, her and others in my reality, she shows it to me… Read more “Maite Zamora Moreno”

Maite Zamora Moreno

Kim Kline

It had been over a month since I had been experiencing increasing pressure, anxiety, irritation and agitation in my body. I felt fearful in mundane moments, and my mind was racing most of the time. By the time I got on to Leila’s table I felt like I was ready to explode and that I just couldn’t take it anymore, nothing I had been doing was working to resolve my physical and emotional state of… Read more “Kim Kline”

Kim Kline

Michelle Terese

Leila is a good friend of mine and I’ve been lucky to take part in her Life Integration sessions. I’ve gone in for migraines, and after each session I’ve not only gained better clarity of my issues behind the migraine, but also received practical support on how to heal them that have actually WORKED. Leila has an incredibly calm and soothing presence that makes me instantly trust and surrender to her during the sessions. Leila… Read more “Michelle Terese”

Michelle Terese

Thomas La Grua

About 11 years ago, I noticed a tumor beginning to grow in a certain area of my body. With western medical practitioners treating such conditions (from my point of view) mostly by focusing on and attempting to eliminate the consequential outflow or the tumor itself and don’t look into identifying and correcting the cause of it, I decided that I would need to look into this aspect for myself.  The thing is, whenever I looked… Read more “Thomas La Grua”

Thomas La Grua