Diffused Power is Noise

Every hour the average person thinks about 2000 thoughts. Every day, about 95% of the thoughts we have, are the same as the day before.

Day by day, life can seem chaotic and as if we’re not moving, not progressing, not creating anything new. And how can we – when over and over again, our mind casts its net of attention – literally – in thousands of different directions. Creating so much noise.

Where do these thoughts come from? As children, we didn’t have these busy minds. We were constantly absorbing and assimilating so many inputs from the people and the environment around us. Unconsciously and consciously, trying to make sense of the world and our place within it. Using our environment as feedback, creating little puzzle pieces of information to construct a picture that somewhat ‘makes sense’.

By the time we’re adults, that puzzle is close to completion. And our puzzle pieces are constantly informing us on how to be, where to be and what to be.

Rarely, do we really look at the puzzle we’ve created and its content – and whether the mental picture we created, actually matches up with reality.

We don’t stop and ask: “Why do I feel so inferior towards everyone else? Why do I have this consistent need to please? Why do I keep attracting the same type of people in my life?”

While we were assimilating our puzzle as children, we didn’t question or scrutinize the feedback we were given by our environment. All these adults, all these ‘ways of doing things’ – they were all here before us, they must be on to something, they must know better than me.

We end up living dysfunctional lives to some extent or another, using unsound and unverified information as our guiding compass – repeating the same thoughts, repeating the same reactions, the same behaviours – day in and day out.

In reality, there is no actual jigsaw puzzle we consult and reference. Rather, we’ve become the puzzle as all the parts that make up who we are as mind, being and body. The puzzle pieces being the cells in our bodies which record, store and play this information to and for us.

With Life Integration we cut through the noise, address the most relevant patterns that are currently present in your life so that you can walk your true life’s path potential and be your own self. Not the constructed self we’ve put together as a collage of hopes, dreams, opinions and fears from other people – past and present. We clear, shift and reorganize your cellular information to give you a space of grace to integrate and live the real you.

“Diffused Power is Noise. Concentrated Power is Silence” [i] – because when you know and live who you are, you don’t have to think about it. You can live straight from the Heart.

[i] Baird T. Spalding – Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East Vol I, page 34

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