The Split of Self – the Shadow and the Light

During this Corona Virus time – there’s a lot circulating from various channels how the current situation we see facing is the result and manifested consequence of our Individual and Collective Shadow Self. But Shadows don’t exist alone. For a Shadow to to exist, you first need an object/subject (sp)lit by Light. You have a Trinity of the Self, the Light and the Dark.

When working with our Shadow Self, with needs to address our Light Self as well.

The issues as the consequences we’re facing today, are not new ones. Neither is the Source from which those consequences were born. What’s bubbling up and emerging in our Modern Times is as old as Time itself. It’s always been about Us, the Individual and the Collective (which consists of individuals). It’s always been – the Split of Self.

We’ve never really Understood ourselves, who we really are and who we can be – when we do fully realize ourselves. We took something that is inherently Whole, inherently One – and divided the indivisible in an attempt to see ourselves, to understand ourselves.

Why is it indivisible – if we’ve managed to divide it, split it, cleave it? Because despite of our decision to make this incision – we’re being brought over and over again into situations that prompt us to look at our Unity – our Oneness and Equality. Of which the Corona Virus – is another result and demonstrates our Oneness clearly. We can’t be stopped from realizing our inherent Oneness and Equality with ourselves and one another – just as we can’t stop water from flowing down to the lowest point and merging with the Ocean. It’s what water is, it’s what water does.

There’s no ‘having an opinion about it’, it’s simply the Law and Truth of this Reality.

We can try and contain it, we can try and stop it, but sooner or later – the water will return to its source. We can let the water return to its source unencumbered, allowing the inevitable to play out with ease and flow. Or we can put in dams, try and store it in bottles, trap it – yet sooner or later – it will go back to source. We can postpone the inevitable, we can fight it – for sure – that’s our peculiar Achilles Heel: Our Will as both our Weakness and Strength.

But why fight the inevitable. Why put in all that time, blood, sweat and tears – the result will be the same. It’s just take longer. It will only extend our longing – for ourselves.

And like water, we are flexible. We adapt, we change states and phases – we can take a lot. But we don’t have to. They – those living in the Shadow side of the World – don’t have to. If only we, who live on the side of the Light – are willing to give up our Light – and let the Shadow dissolve with it.

We live in the Light of Self Interest. Even the Darkness of Night cannot dim our skyscraper lit cities where we bask in the Light of Energy, bask in the Light of Digital Numbers in our bank accounts, bask in the Light of Shimmering and Glittering Coins Locked and Saved away – fervently being traded in Stock Markets to create more Numbers, More Light! For what? To what end? To create Deeper and Starker Shadows? To Separate ‘Us’ from ‘Them’?

But we can’t be Separated. What affects you, affects me. What affects China, affects the USA. We’re all in this together. The more we try to deny this, the more we try to get higher and away from the inevitable – the harder we’ll crash and fall.

Before we start Blaming the Global Economy and the ‘Powers that Be’ – let’s take it a bit closer to home.

We have our Bodies, the very Manifestation of Oneness and Equality – A Whole, Functioning Unit – where every Part takes care of every other Part – knowing full well, that this Body cannot be Whole, Cannot be Sustained – unless every parts plays its role to the best of its ability – where there’s a Giving and Receiving from every Part. That every part together, as One – is greater than all the individual parts. That something greater, something more comes into Being. But what do we do with ourselves? What do we do with our bodies? We feed it, only to Mine it – use the Life Blood within us to generate the Light within us as our Imaginations, Fantasies, Inner Dialogues and Quarrels. Intense Emotional Reactions and Outbursts. We Blame the Stock Market for its Volatility and Unsustainability – yet do not take note and account of our own Inner Volatility – of the Ups and Downs, Lefts and Rights – always moving, always chasing. One second Happy, one second Sad – so in Love then so in Hate.

For what? To have more Energy? To make up more Soap Operas in our Heads? (Haven’t you noticed, nothing new’s coming out on TV – we’ve seen it all – there’s nothing new to expect) To tangle us more in the Web of Lies we’ve Spun for Ourselves? To drain our Body’s Resources into a Feverish Crisis, just like we’re doing with Earth – to Die – and then what? What do we have to Show for ourselves? This Show will End – and we still have time to Reconsider the Ending and Edit our Scripts. Will we have a Deadly Silence when the Curtains close – or a Standing Ovation as a Testament to our Resurrection.

To be continued

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