The Cellular Advantage


I have to admit, the reason why I went to study the techniques and methods behind Life Integration was primarily self-serving. I wanted to expand and deepen my own inner work and take my own journey to the next level. I had used many tools and ways that had served me very well, but there was still a hunger for something deeper, something more. I wanted to know ‘what else is possible’ and to challenge myself. 

The study that most of my practice is based on is that of ‘Life Alignment’, developed by Dr. Jeff Levin. Two instances stand out for me the most during my time of getting into Life Alignment and studying it.

The first was that of the first session that I received. I wasn’t entirely clear what was going on and how it all made sense – but afterward, I felt myself being more deep-seated inside my body, and my body felt ‘cleaner’. I had been working on a particular point on a conscious level, but hadn’t been able to pull through the correction ‘all the way’. I’d get a good start, but then revert back to my old patterns, like a broken record, no matter how hard I tried I always got back to where I was before. As if I had met some invisible threshold that I couldn’t surpass.

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After my first session, it felt that more of me was on board with my correction. Where previously, I was on board with doing and living differently on a conscious level – I rationally understood, how, what and why it was better to do things differently – it felt like other levels, other parts, different aspects of me were not convinced and would pull me back in the old.

Mind influences Matter

As we grow up, we copy, imprint and install various belief systems, familial and cultural values and various emotional states that we’ve been exposed to by our environment. We’re not quite sure how they’re going to help us, but hey, our parents and all the adults are ‘alive’ so they must have gotten something right. For better or for worse, we trust that if we do as those that came before us, we’ll get this thing called ‘Life’ on Earth right. What we don’t realise at the time, is that we’re programming ourselves and settling for survival – not actual Living and Thriving. (Our parents and those who came before us as the environment we were born into are not to blame for this though, we’ve never had a way of Life that was truly Living and Thriving).

As we adopt these various belief systems, values and emotional states and participate in them – we start emitting and resonating these from the inside out. We become a broadcasting tower for these various energies and frequencies. The thing is that these emissions are not just being sent out with no side effects. As we are vibrating and emitting the energetic frequencies and signatures of all the programs we’ve adopted as our own, they resonate and move through our physical tissue and cells. When repeated often enough, our tissues and cells get imprinted by these vibrations and mold themselves to physically hold the signatures that they had been experiencing. But – our physical body, our tissues and our cells also resonate and emit their own vibrations – which now have been hijacked by what we’ve been impulsing over time. They, now too, emit the same energy frequencies and signatures of our programming. There is a feedback loop created where what we put out as our mental programs becomes the input for our physical body. Our physical body starts emitting the same input as its output, which further reinforces the patterns, belief systems and values we’ve adopted. It becomes harder to change, as we’ve honed our physical bodies to become a perfect match to our vibration. We can make a conscious decision to change, but ‘not all of us is on board’. Our body is one of these aspects that is still holding the old, and needs time to ‘catch up’ and be reconditioned, imprinted with new instructions to hold and resonate. 

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In receiving my first Session, I felt a cleaning, a reformatting of information stored in my body. I experienced increased coherence and within that, increased confidence that I could change myself. Instead of experiencing my body and deeper levels of myself as going downstream while I wanted to go upstream – there was a coming together to agree on a new direction – a unison(g).

Now, this was not a magical reset where the correction was done for me and I didn’t have to put in any conscious deliberate actions within and without, to be in alignment with my new direction. But it gave me a window of opportunity to get my footing and ground my direction forward in a more substantial way. I still had to put in the time and effort, to impulse the new and make this the new ‘status quo’ for my body on a cellular level so that it would hold more solidly. But I didn’t feel like I was dragging myself knee-high through the mud to establish it. 

Structural Alignments

Another instance that stands out was when we were practicing Structural Alignments. This is another aspect that I love about the Life Alignment method that I studied: it’s versatile. By request, or through testing that this requires to be done – I can initiate a Structural Alignment. A Structural Alignment works with the Structural Systems of our body such as our muscles, joints, connective tissue and bones that make up our Structural Posture. I’d been having intense hip pain, which I had before and went to a Chiropractor to have some adjustments done. I had gained some relief, but the problem came back shortly after. During one of our practices, I requested that one of the other students work on my hip. Because we were practicing the elements that went into a Structural Alignment, we skipped any of the Emotional Balancing. After getting off the treatment table, my hip pain was gone! I was a little bit skeptical, after all, I had gone to a Chiropractor not long before and wondered if it would ‘stick’. 

My posture and how my body held itself felt different, better – for some days. Then one day as I was taking a walk through one of the horses’ fields and mulling some things over in my head, I could feel my hip subtly shifting and wanting to get back out of alignment. The first thing I noticed was that the things I was mulling over in my head, were very much the same things I had been mulling over when my hip went out of alignment the first time. I could see that there had been a connection to what I was mulling over and the emotional states this enticed, that moved my hip into a form of ‘collapse’. This physical ‘collapse’ was actually a similar experience that the emotional state represented. The other interesting thing was that the moment I stopped participating in these thoughts and dropped the emotional states, was that my hip was gently guided back into its correct formation. When I noticed this, I stopped my walk, closed my eyes and tuned into my body for a moment. What I experienced inside my body was that a vibrational blueprint was created and set as a guideline for the optimal position and location for my spine and other elements of my body. 

This blueprint was a guidepost showing to myself and my body: “Hey, this is the optimal position for your structures, and this is the optimal state of being that allows everything to be and remain in alignment”. But – here comes the tricky part – signposts, as in real life – can be ignored. It’s a suggestion, a recommendation – but it was ultimately still my decision to align myself with the signposts, with the blueprint and reap the benefits.

Life Integration offers a window of opportunity to take a leap, to get into shape and alignment with the ‘next level you’ at an accelerated pace. As with any great gift, the value comes from accepting the gift and actively making it a part of your life.

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