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From an existential perspective – we are all One and Equal. We all come from the same Life Substance – expressed in different forms. We are an Expression of the One Life Force – on a Quest to Know Itself. We have always been One and Equal – but we have never Consciously, within Awareness been One and Equal. It has never been a Full Realization. 

We set ourselves up to experience ourselves in all possible ways, through diffusion as many individualized parts and over many different lifetimes and circumstances. Each person’s journey and learnings, adds to the collective journey and quest.

We’ve set ourselves up to experience ourselves through the externalization of ourselves. Both as many beings and expressions as well as the structures that govern our lives.

At any given point in time – the world as it currently exists is a reflection and measurement of Who We Are as a collective and Who we Have been – as we are living in the consequences of Lives lived in the past. 

What has been missed is that ‘Who I am’ is not a static and solidly defined phenomenon. While on an essential level what remains constant is that Who I Am is One and Equal with all that is Here – we have the capacity to be in denial of this reality. We have the ability and capacity to decide Who I Am in the form of what we Accept and Allow ourselves to stand One and Equal to. We are free to decide ‘Who I Am’, but we are not free from the consequences which are born from each one of those decisions, as our acceptances and allowances. We are not free from the consequence of being in Denial of our true nature as being One and Equal, and equally, we are not free from the consequences of being and living in Alignment with our true nature. If you use a tool in alignment for what it is made for and its true nature and purpose, using a screwdriver to unscrew a screw – you will reap the benefits of acting in alignment with that reality. If you, however, use a hammer to take out a screw and you are in denial that this is not in alignment with the true nature of the hammer, you’ll experience the frustrations and empty results from acting from this denial. It goes both ways.

From a World perspective – the current governing structures, laws, cultures and social conduct are the result of the collective inputs of each individual’s ‘Who I Am’. Each person a cell of a body – making up the whole. Each person is providing an input that affects and creates the whole. The whole influencing and affecting the individual as much as the individual is influencing and affecting the whole. Each created in one another’s Image and Likeness – each Equal and One. 

Whenever there is a change in the world, it invites an equal response from the individual. Whenever there is a change in the individual, it invites an equal response from the World. The two are intertwined and interlinked – two variables on either side of the equation. Always inherently balanced. 

Everything we believe about ourselves and the world exists inside us as our Acceptance and Allowances. Anything from what we believe we are capable of, what we believe is right and wrong, how we treat ourselves, how we treat others exist as directives within ourselves. These directives get transferred and funnelled into the world and existence at large – informing the whole on how it is expected to behave, giving shape and definition to the collective ‘Who I Am’. When you take all these directives from every single person and add them together – you get our current reality.

With Life Integration, we dig into these acceptances and allowances. More specifically, we bring up the acceptances and allowances, the terms and conditions you’ve placed upon and within yourself that do not serve you (and others as yourself, by implication) and change them to directives that are supportive of you living your best Self.

By changing and shifting these directives, we’re equally informing the whole of what is acceptable and what is not. We are setting a precedent of what it means to Live and be Alive on this Planet – and are sending this as a vote into the collective of what we want to see manifest on a global and existential scale.

The more we impulse these changes, the more people change their directives to what is truly Best for themselves and others, the more the fabric of the collective changes and takes shape according to these precedents. 

While a Life Integration Session is highly individualized, specific to your life and your unique being – it as the same time serves as a portal to changing the patterns and points that exist on a global level. 

Earth Haven takes this point of being the change you want to see in the world to another level. Earth Haven strives to develop and nurture the changes within our inner realities, while also creating an external template of how these changes practically would look like on a societal level. Essentially asking and answering the question: What do inner changes look like when they’re manifested externally? How do we design our external living to be a match to these new inner realities?

Earth Haven’s objective is to create sustainable communities as an example, a blueprint of what Life on Earth can be – within the Principle of Oneness and Equality as what is Best for All Life. 

By pledging to my Life Integration with Leila Tier on Earth Haven you’re supporting both yourself in receiving Life Integration sessions at regular intervals (as well as other extras) and you’re supporting World Change both through your sessions, as well as your contribution and participation in Earth Haven’s goals. 

I’d love to work with you if you are someone that cares about bringing out the best in yourself because that also means you want to bring out the best in this world as yourself. We can create a meaningful relationship this life working through our points and at the same time push for a bigger change by focussing on ourselves.

If this resonates with you,  please join me by clicking the ‘Join’ button below and we can start working together. I’m looking forward to having you part of my Tribe for Inner and Global Change 🙂 .

Life Integration with Leila

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My point of focus in Earth Haven is Life Integration.

Life Integration is a multi-faceted, holistic method of healing. It combines quantum mechanics, support and alignment on a vibrational level and personal guidance to work on all levels of your being.

Life Integration supports with integrating the Principles of Earth Haven on a personal level – to be the change you want to see in the world.

When you sign up for this tier, you receive a personal one-on-one Life Integration Session (valued at 375 EUR) with me every 6 months.

You also gain access to premium content where I share Life Lessons from practising Life Integration and how I support myself and my community to live the Earth Haven Constitution within and without. You can expect content ranging anywhere from emotional support and body support to nature, animals, gardening, parenting and relationships.

You will support me to live my Passion, you will support yourself to live your Utmost Potential and you will support the greater Earth Haven Vision and Mission to create for a Better World for All. We will establish a relationship through this tier that will benefit you beyond our sessions, opening up doors for many potentials both for yourself and the world.

For more information on Life Integration, you can check out my website


  • Life Integration Session / 6 months
  • Premium Content Access + Surprises
  • Tree Planted in your Name
  • Earth Haven Members-only Facebook Group Access
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