Behind the Scenes of a Life Integration Session

Here’s a behind the scenes of my set up when I do a remote Life Integration session via voice call.

On the far left, top – there is a full-body chart. This chart serves as a surrogate for your body. You can think of it as a wireless keyboard – whatever I do on the Chart in a quantum moment happens to your body as if you were right here with me.

Below that (far left bottom) is a chart with all the body points and procedures that can test out that we’re going to be working on with. I refer to it as my ‘main menu’. On the backside, it has other info that I may need to test through during a session.

Next to the body chart, you see a bunch of cards, some crystals, my pen and pendulum.

The cards are known as vortex cards. Each card has a magnet in it that holds a specific signature to assist with moving information and imprinting a correction. The pentagon card, for instance, represents the water element and works on the kidney, lymph and blood specifically, but also on the water in your body generally. Each card has a specific use and assists in amplifying the work that I do on your body. I call them my little helpers 🙂

The crystals are a new thing I started playing with. When I work on the body chart, I use my hands to access points into certain dimensions of your Mind, Body and Being. You can think of it as accessing certain folders on your biological computer, opening up the files of information so that they can be edited. I experience this information inside my own body and can then move and direct it as myself. This is where I started playing with the crystals, as their physical, molecular structure is one that is suited for conducting information and use them when necessary to assist with moving the energy and information.

The pendulum I use as my testing tool. When asking and testing out questions, it’s the body that receives the information which when holding a pendulum will create a certain movement in the pendulum. The pendulum itself is not some ‘magical entity’ but an extension of the body when held through which the information impulses flow. This gives me a visual, external indication and reference.

The pen I use, well, as a pen to write down the information that tests out during a session, which I note down on the session report sheet below it. After a session, I use this information to draw up an extended report.

Then we get to the right side of the table which mostly holds charts and files with different categories of information. When an Emotional Balance tests out, I test out all the different puzzle pieces of information that help us get to the bigger story. There is also another body chart, this one is my reference chart which shows all the access points (folder locations) for the various body parts or physical aspects that need support and where the information is stored.

Now you have a bit of a better idea where all the magic takes place 🙂

If your curiosity has been peaked, don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in working with me!

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