How do Remote Sessions work

I mainly focus my Life Integration efforts online, through remote sessions and online support.  You may ask yourself ‘But how does that work?’

When I do sessions in person, using Muscle Testing and Pendulum Dowsing to access the information in your body – the Remote Principle is already at work. When I Muscle Test I use your body directly, but when I use Pendulum Dowsing I use my own body as a conductor and channel, which determines how the Pendulum moves. Within that, I’m remotely working with you and on you, even if you’re just a step away from me, we’re already working across Space and Time.

The general view of our world and reality that we have accepted is one where we’re all separate and in many ways disconnected, because that’s what we perceive with our eyes. On a metaphysical level however, what we consider ‘empty space’ around and between us, is also full of substance – just a different density. Instead of being separate by space, we’re actually interconnected within a singular ocean that holds all of us. On top of that, the nature of our reality is holographic in nature. This means that the whole is contained in the part, and the part contained in the whole. As much as we are part of the Universe, we contain the Universe inside of ourselves.

Our external reality and the technology we have established, are not ‘new technologies’, they’re reflections of the inner technologies that have always been present and a part of us (if you’ve read the ‘What is Life Integration’ page – you may remember how I mentioned that our bodies are like super computers, this technology is part of that!)

In our reality, everyone has a unique signature, as everyone exists as a unique expression within this world. Much like everyone has their own phone number, that you can dial and sure enough – you’re in contact with that specific person. Our bodies have the same capacity. Instead of dialing in a specific number, I dial for your specific Signature and we establish a line of direct communication.

To access specific body points on your body and do vibrational work, I use a full body chart as your surrogate. Whatever I do on the chart, takes place on and within your body. This is possible through the holographic nature of our reality – which applies to solid and inanimate objects as well. For a moment, the chart – which contains the whole – stands as your body only. Similarly to how I can write a text on my phone, and the moment I press send, it appears on yours. In this case, there’s simply no time lag and it is instantaneous.

All of this may not convince you of the validity and mechanics that are at play in working remotely. And that’s okay. It is not my intent to convince you that this is how it works, but to provide more information and context to those who have already established that there is more to this world than ‘meets the eye’ and want to understand this process better. I can’t convince you or prove to you that this works, the same way as it would be difficult to go to a native tribe somewhere in a jungle that has not been in contact with Modern Civilization and explain to them how Mobile phones and the Internet work. I can share and talk about it, but likely they will only believe me the moment they see it for themselves and experience it. Most of us have no clue as to how our mobile phones, computers, internet and WiFi exactly work – all we know and take from it, is that: it works. In the same line, the best way to understand how Life Integration works and how it works remotely, is to experience it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.