Life Integration (Full)

Life Integration (Full) takes place over a 3 week period.

The sequence is as Following:

In the First week – we have our Life Integration Session
We open up the stories and let your body guide us to what we need to work with and align. I make notes of all the points that tested out. A Life Integration Session takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours – sometimes longer. You will need to have a 2h block of time allotted for this appointment. It may not take 2h – but it’s good to have the time open and available in case we do need it without being pressed for time.

After the initial Life Integration session, we want to allow the Body to continue working with the information we opened up, aligned and shifted during the session – without consciously interfering, analyzing and rehashing what opened up in the session. You may experience some detoxification effects during this week. Make sure to drink plenty of water to support your body with the flow and shifting of information on a cellular level.

In the Second Week – I send you your Extended Life Integration Session Report
I send you a document with all the points that tested out + extended info pertaining to the points that tested out. Leaving a week between the session and giving you the information and expansion points, allows what transpired during the Life Integration to truly sink in and take root.
You can now consciously review the information and assess for yourself how you want to apply and take this information into your daily life. This Extended Session Report is for you to keep. You can review and access this document whenever you feel you may be going into a similar pattern or physical imbalance. We tend to access our patterns and points in cycles, it can be very valuable to refresh this information from time to time. Many clients have reported that months and sometimes years after a session, the information from the Report still provides new insights.

In the Third Week – we Follow-Up
This gives us an opportunity to see how you are doing, gather feedback and see where we need to specify and fine-tune any last points of support for yourself and your body at this point in time.

Rate: $444.00

Life Integration is a versatile modality which allows you to look under the hood of any challenge or obstacle you may be facing. We tap into your body’s innate intelligence to show us what is contributing to a particular issue – whether physical, emotional or behavioural. I test out with pendulum dowsing and muscle testing which specific procedures to apply, where in your body the information is stored and pull up any information needed to support you in consciously resolving the issue. The techniques and tools I use work on the various layers and dimensions of your Mind, Body and Being. Together, we take hold of the information stored in your body and re-align, clean up and imprint a correction.

Every Life Integration session is a step into the unknown. I never know beforehand what will come up. We meet in agreement to support you to the best of our abilities – no matter what your Pandora’s Box may hold. The sessions are designed in a way that we work with what you are ready to face and change – and what is appropriate to be revealed to you, at any given time.

We can enter a session carte blanche, letting whatever needs to be heard and seen, reveal itself. We can also establish a point of entry, whether it’s a relationship issue, a physical imbalance, an emotional pattern you’re stuck in, a block you can feel but can’t define – really anything you want to gain better clarity and insight on. If you have several points you want to dig into, I can test out which one is the most appropriate to start with. 

Life Integration can be likened to getting your Mind, Body and Being in for a service at a Metaphysical Mechanic. You can come in for specific issues that need to be resolved or as part of your long term maintenance and support plan to Be and Live your Best Self.