Andreas Wittman

During a visit in South Africa in 2018 i had the chance to attend a series of 3 life-integration sessions with Leila. We were doing them without a pre-determined focuspoint or particular question, yet each of them brought out a very specific dimension of my inner landscape, relevant to my situation and experience at that time. Now, 1.5 years later, i see and understand that the points were not only relevant to my situation and experience back then, in fact i still use and work with/through the insights and points that were revealed and use the corrections/modalities that were suggested to balance the points out.

There was a immediate relief and change in my experience after doing a session with Leila, yet I see the technique of life integration now more as a “Sonar” that allowes one to get a look at and become aware of a part of ones inner landscape. In that, you get a “piece of your inner map” that you can take with you and use for navigation in your lifes journey. Next time you come by the same or similar spot you already have a picture of what it is that you are dealing with and what it is made of so you enabled to give yourself direction accordingly. Some points, brought up in these sessions, i did not understand clearly at the time, but they are becoming more clear now, as i go deeper in my own process of self-investigation and awareness.

To give an example of the specific support, Ayurveda was suggested to me as a modality to heal a imbalance in myself. Recently, i started to pick up this topic again and i find myself fascinated and grateful as i dig into that point. For me, it feels like i am rediscovering a deep part of me and knowledge that i have always know but was separated from, through my own cultural, “western” programming.

Finally, besides the support and awareness that the sessions brought to my personal issues, my experiences of life-integration with Leila re-confirmed to me that there is more to reality/existance than “meets the eye” which is always fascinating to me!  I am grateful for my life-integration sessions and i believe that life-integration can be a genuine way of support for other people. It brings results directly, yet also evokes a longer-lasting awareness and understanding of oneself and the points creating a particular imbalance!



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