Maite Zamora Moreno

Life Integration sessions with Leila have been like a gift from heaven for me. I am the mother of a (soon to be) 2 year old girl and have seen and experienced the extent to which my thoughts, words and deeds affect my daughter. She shapes herself by my example and when my living is not in harmony with what is best for me, her and others in my reality, she shows it to me in her behavior. The trick of course is to figure out where exactly the problem lies – is it in me, is it in my partner, is she perhaps going through a particularly difficult stage in her own physical or mental development? My daughter does not have the vocabulary to tell me in detail what it is she experiences, whose issues she may be picking up on, and how or why it is affecting her. While I strive to work with self-help tools to the best of my ability, with so many variables at play, and very little information to work with, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack, while wearing a blindfold! Never mind finding solutions to support myself, my partner and my daughter through the issues…

Leila has been able to help me by pin-pointing exactly where/in who the misalignment originates, what precisely requires attention, and even how to go about implementing changes to support myself, my partner and our daughter to move us back towards harmony and balance. It’s like she can make the needle float up out of the haystack and hand it to me.

Often sessions with Leila have brought me relief. When all I can do is guess, and especially when it involves my daughter, I tend to easily entertain worst-case-scenarios. How I must have made some terrible mistakes, how I must be completely inadequate as a mom, how I must be influencing my daughter in all the worst possible ways that I am not even aware of!! When the points are brought to light, they are often not these big scary huge problems. They are issues that need attention and correction, yes, and of course, sometimes they are tough to face. Yet Leila guides me through them with such grace and insight, that I come out of each session feeling empowered and absolutely capable of doing what is needed.

To be honest, I don’t fully understand what happens in those sessions, but I do experience how they support me and my body. And that’s another point I’d like to highlight – how the sessions work on all parts of me – mind, body and spirit. We’re an interconnected whole and we often tend to underestimate the extent to which our internal struggles place strain on our bodies. During the sessions, I reach a space of internal clarity and peace, while my body is supported to return to a state of restfulness and balance after many energy releases and alignments. I would recommend Life Integration sessions over a day at the Spa any day!

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