Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I was experiencing a series of physical symptoms of various illness and deficiencies that had been going on throughout almost an entire year without getting to resolve what they were in fact about with regular doctors. It was in a moment when I said ‘I need some help here’ and that I was searching for other means to help me decipher what my body was trying to tell me that Leila offered her life integration service, which I had never had before. The way she approached my case was with great sensibility and it is as if she could almost read what I was aiming to explain with words in order to get to the core of the situation of what I had been experiencing. I appreciate her tact and ability to word things that we may not be able to in times where we might feel a bit lost or disconnected from ourselves.

After my session with Leila – and upon taking action on the suggestions that my body tested out through the session – I decided to give my life a turnaround where I took this opportunity to know what my body had been trying to tell me and do what is necessary to get to heal and focus on my physical well being. This moment became my incursion as well into taking for the first time other alternative medicine therapies that my body was requiring, as well as making more space to focus on my body’s wellbeing overall, which has created noticeable benefits.

To me the life integration session along with Leila’s sharp eye to stand as that point of support to communicate with our bodies and see through one’s words and experience created a stepping stone into a process of healing and change within me with regards to the point I had not been dealing with for months effectively. I am totally glad that I gave this therapy a try which I find quite unique because of the direct feedback that one can get from one’s body through Leila’s practice. I am entirely grateful because the sessions have assisted me to step out of a point of personal stagnation to be able to stand with more clarity and get back to a point of growth, which I will continue to cross reference with her as I continue walking my path.

All I can say is, you will thank yourself to get Leila’s support to know what your body is saying that we might be completely ignoring or unaware of, it’s worth it.

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