What is Life Integration

Working at a Root Level

Life Integration is a method and technique that bypasses your conscious mind, into the subconscious and unconscious. We often try and change our thoughts and thinking, from negative to positive in the hope to turn our lives around for the better – it doesn’t work. 

When we only work with our conscious mind, we’re only ever scraping the surface. If your computer was your mind – changing your thoughts from negative to positive would be the equivalent of changing your wallpaper to something more inviting, to move the files around a bit and make the appearance look neater. But on the hard drive itself nothing has changed. The same programs are still there, the same bulky heavy files of information according to which you’ve defined yourself as past memories are all still clogging up your hard drive space. This makes it hard to process new information, hard to be creative and innovative in your life – hard to actually ‘turn things around’. The malware and viruses you’ve unknowingly downloaded over the years are still running in the background and taking most of your computer processing power, leaving you a few drops of power to get by and get through your days. Even though your PC – your Personal Computer as your Body is the Most Magnificent Piece of Hardware existent, with Specs that are Beyond our Comprehension — we somehow experience our bodies as ‘barely getting the job done’ – where we are ‘just getting by’, not having the faintest idea what kind of Super Technology we’re actually in possession of. We have no idea – how powerful we can be as Human Beings, when we align our Mind, Being and Body as One – Align it with Life itself – and utilize our specs and faculties to the Ultimate. 

Accessing your Book of Life

Your body has been with you since conception, it has been with you with every heartbeat, every breath. Every single thing we went through and are going through – our body is and was right there with us. Our body was recording every experience, writing everything into our very cells. Our bodies are our own personal Book of Life. Our biography is fused into our biology. When our hard drives get full, when we have too many dysfunctional programs running – our body suffers for it. We develop aches, pains, diseases, conditions and injuries when our body can no longer contain all we’ve stored and programmed into it. Yet most of us don’t have direct access to these hard drives. We don’t have a mouse or keyboard to see the files, open the files, see what’s in them, evaluate if it serves us, make changes, add new files, delete files. With Life Integration, I use muscle testing and pendulum dowsing to tune into your body and access exactly these files. While we’re not consciously aware of all this information, our body as the carrier is very much aware and remembers every breath. I assess and test which parts of your body are under strain and require alignment. I test and assess using a database of mind patterns, emotions and feelings to identify the scripts and stories that you are living and repeating that do not serve you and your highest potential. Your Body’s Innate Intelligence guides us and points out what is required to be looked at and worked with, in order to erase and wipe-clean these files, and replace them with directives and commands that truly serve us to live our Best Potential.

What can be worked on in a Life Integration Session

We can take pretty much anything as a starting point for a Life Integration session. Be it a particular emotional pattern you feel stuck in, a physical condition or ailment, a reoccuring pattern in your life (eg. attracting certain type of people). Instead of working on a particular problem we can also work on achieving or Integrating a particular solution (eg. Self-Acceptance vs Judgment). We can also go in ‘blank’ and allow the Present Moment to reveal what is the priority for you to work with. This method works great to reveal our blind spots, as the ‘problems’ we have and the ‘solutions’ we think we may need are not always what’s actually needed for ourselves to work on, and is only a distraction from the Real Issue which requires alignment and integration. 

Group or Couple Sessions are also an option. Where we work with composite relationships and patterns of a Relationship, Family, Team or Organization.

Every Session requires Permission. This means that I check in with your Mind, Being and Body to see if it is within your Best Interest to work on a particular point, at this particular moment in time. Sometimes the body is already processing a lot of information and opening up more will render it ineffective and is not in your best interest. Other times you may require a different type of modality or therapy that would be better suited. If it turns out that Permission is not in place, I will gladly assist you to find out what you can do instead or refer you to someone else, at no charge.

A Moment of Co-Creation between Client and Practitioner

Life Integration sessions are not passive in nature, practitioner and client come together to open up and own one’s stories and take responsibility for them. The more of yourself you put into it, the greater results you get. While we actively discuss misalignments and solutions to integrate in their stead, I also work on your body, being and mind on a vibrational level to assist with clearing the old and stimulating the new.

A Life Integration session in itself can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. I always set aside 2 hours for a session, to ensure we can work through whatever your body indicates we need to work through, without being stressed or pressed for time.

During the session, I make notes of the information that has been tested out. I compile this information into a Session Report Sheet for you, along with any extra expansion points I see may benefit you in this healing and transmutation process.

After you’ve had a week to revisit what opened up in the Life Integration session and the Session Report Sheet we connect again to see how you are doing and if any points require fine-tuning.

The Sequence

The whole process takes place within a 3-week period to ensure sufficient time for you and your body to integrate the changes effectively.

To book an exploration session, go to the ‘How to Get Started‘ page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.